Microsoft Apparently Wanted Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PS4

microsoft apparently wanted halo the master chief collection on ps4

In recent years, Microsoft has shown a desire to spread its reach as far as possible, releasing its once-Xbox One exclusives on PC, bringing Xbox Live to competing platforms like the Nintendo Switch, and more. Apparently, Microsoft's quest to be everywhere in gaming even saw it at one point try to bring Halo: The Master Chief Collection to the PS4.

This is according to Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast hosted by former IGN journalist Colin Moriarty, who said as much in the most recent episode. "I have it on good authority that Master Chief Collection was being talked about on PS4 years ago. Like, I have that on great authority," he said.

Halo is Microsoft's flagship franchise, and it coming to the PS4 seems like a near-impossibility. However, there once was a time when The Master Chief Collection was never coming to PC either, but those plans changed and now there will be a Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC port.

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Microsoft has a vested interest in the PC gaming space, though, and there seems to be far less incentive for it to bring Halo: The Master Chief Collection to PS4. However, Moriarty believes that there is a chance Xbox games will come to the PlayStation 5 in the next few years, which will be part of Microsoft's attempt to release its games everywhere.

One way that we could see this happening is through Game Pass and Microsoft's cloud gaming plans. Microsoft has been aggressive about expanding Game Pass, not to mention it will be providing the tech for PS5's cloud gaming services. It's not a huge leap to think that one day we could see Xbox games playable on PlayStation consoles through streaming, especially since these streaming services want players to be able to play anywhere.

Of course, the big roadblock to all of this would be Sony itself, as the company has traditionally been reluctant to cooperate with its competitors. Sony has famously blocked cross-play for various games, and it even has blocked cross-saves as well. But with gaming moving to an increasingly all-digital future, maybe it's not crazy to think we'll one day be able to play Xbox games on PlayStation hardware and vice versa.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is out now for Xbox One and in development for PC.

Source: Sacred Symbols (via ComicBook)

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