Ever since Virtual Reality starting being applied in the mainstream, fans have been hoping that Microsoft would use the technology to bring Halo into the future. Now it seems that gamers everywhere might have gotten their wish as the developers over at 343 Industries have announced that Halo: Recruit is coming to the Windows Mixed Reality headsets that launch later this month.

It’s not the Halo experience that everyone would have expected, but it’s a fun little introduction into the Halo universe that shows off what the Mixed Reality headset can do. Knowing this, 343 chief Kiki Wolfkill attempted to manage expectations, describing the free demo as a “fun little arcade experience” rather than a game in any way.

Below is a look at Halo: Recruit in action.

Developed in partnership with Seattle-based VR company Endeavor One, Halo: Recruit will allow players to explore classic Halo enemies in Virtual Reality as Guilty Spark displays information about each creature. After that, the experience transforms into a basic shooting range for players to enjoy firing at targets with a set of pistols.

In the post-game carnage report, players can see just how well they did back in the shooting gallery and Cortana will appear to display their rank. Unfortunately, that’s it for Halo: Recruit just now, but the experience will thankfully be free and available to download on October 17.

It’s certainly not much, and this being the Halo VR software that fans were looking forward to is sure to make some people annoyed, but with Halo 6 not coming anytime soon, we’ll take what we can get. At the very least, it’s good to know that Microsoft is still aware of the demand for more Halo content, even if it is in the form of a very basic VR shooter.

Halo: Recruit releases on October 17 for Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The experience will be a free download on the Windows Store.

Source: Halo Waypoint