Halo: Reach Rank Cap Increases, New Armor Available

Halo Reach Rank Increases

Gamers who have been playing Halo: Reach nonstop since its release back in September and happened to win at least 95% of their matches, may have reached the level cap of Lieutenant Colonel Grade 3 and cleared the 117 million daily and weekly challenges. For those who've been looking for new mountains to climb, consider this your lucky day as Bungie announced that the rank cap has finally been lifted and there are new armory choices for your perusal.

According to Bungie:

Forty-nine days and more than a few million Challenges later, you’ve totally decapitated the Rank cap in Halo: Reach. There are now more kick ass Rank and Armor options available in the Armory than ever before. To help get you suited up into some hot new gear, we’re introducing huge Credit Jackpots for players who routinely finish their games. Because we love you and we want you to have nice things.

Bungie also confirmed that there will not be a second rank cap and that all of the items in the armory are now available for you to purchase, provided you have the credits to do so. The addition of larger Credit Jackpots will be well-received by those dedicated Halo fans who love the game, but are not as adept at killing the competition. Players should also have no problem diving back into the fight with the upcoming map-pack that is set for release on November 30th. These are smart moves on Bungie's part as Call of Duty: Black Ops will present some fierce competition for gamers' attention on November 9th.

Need a reference list of the ranks available to see how close you are to the top accolade? Check out the full list here. With the cap removed, the big question is: who's going to hit Inheritor first?

Halo: Reach is available now for the Xbox 360.


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