Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack Trailer Brings the 'Tempest'

Halo Reach Noble Map Pack Trailer

Halo: Reach just recently came into availability only on the Xbox 360 a little over a month ago. If you own Microsoft's home console then you likely own Reach and if you own Reach then odds are you've played it online for a couple hundred matches. It's a fun game (check out our review), but one problem that can be said about the title is that its selection of maps is a bit disappointing. Bungie and Microsoft are aiming to change that though with the upcoming Noble Map Pack due out late next month.

Little has been seen from the new map pack since the pack's announcement a little over a week ago, but today that has changed with the release of a brand new trailer showing off all three of the Noble Map Pack's brand new maps. The three maps detailed in the trailer are Anchor 9, Tempest, and Breakpoint and they all have their own characteristics that make each of them awesome in their own way. Anchor 9 takes place in a hangar that is used to repair UNSC ships. Tempest is an abandoned UNSC facility that is situated along a beach, and Breakpoint is a camp covered in snow that was built on an ancient Forerunner object.

You can check out all of these maps in the trailer below:


Microsoft and Bungie certainly spared no expense in hyping the upcoming add-on. They've made everything that can explode in Halo: Reach, plus some things that don't explode, blow up in that trailer. The Noble Map Pack will be a day-one purchase for many of the rabid Halo fans with Xbox Live, but others may feel a little betrayed by Bungie when they release maps so soon after a game's launch. Regardless of how you feel about the quick-to-launch map pack it will certainly give gamers something to do... well besides Black Ops that is.

Halo: Reach's Noble Map Pack will launch on November 30th and will add three new maps and ten new achievements for 800 points ($10).

What do you think of Halo: Reach's new Noble Map Pack? Are you going to pick these up on launch or wait for them to become the Xbox Live Deal of the Week?

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