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Halo Reach Noble Map Pack Review

The talk of the town for the month of November may be Call of Duty: Black Ops, but for millions of gamers, the word multiplayer is still synonymous with Halo. Bungie is bringing a whole new reason for players to return to Halo: Reach with the upcoming Noble Map Pack DLC. Three reasons, to be exact.

We've already given a look at one of the maps entitled 'The Tempest,' but now video of the maps in action have been released, giving a glimpse at what the new maps will carry over from others, and where they'll be innovating.

Forming maps for certain game modes seems like a straightforward proposition; big areas for large-scale objective matches, and close-quarters maps to increase intensity. Anyone who has spent a few years with Halo multiplayer knows that building a balanced map can make or break a game experience.

Halo: Reach's online success would seem to imply that the developers have kept up the standard, so any new maps will be interesting to learn and (in the case of some hardcore players) exploit.

To get an early glimpse at the maps that will be available for download with the Noble Map Pack, take a look at these gameplay videos to get a better idea of how the various game modes will play out:

The first map, Breakpoint is an icy, snowy level designed with the game mode Invasion specifically in mind. Fans already know that this mean large, open spaces combined with some tight quarters and a healthy amount of vehicles:


The Tempest map, described as an 'inverted Valhalla' is built with many different game modes in mind. This means a map filled with boulders, Forerunner buildings, and craters and slopes which will make having the high ground a major tactical advantage:


Last but not least, the Anchor 9 map. What would a Halo map pack be without another arena for fast-paced insanity, with kill rooms, choke points and the occasional sniper sightlines? This map has them all, and will be especially important for players to become familiar with in a hurry:


Fans will need to stop drooling and remind themselves that the maps won't be available for download to the public for another week. If the videos were all it took to convince you that the purchase is worth picking up, then now would be a good time to pre-order the pack and earn some goodies. It seems like it's been months since word first dropped about the Noble maps, given how much has occurred in the shooter genre since then.

Having the opportunity to create your own maps in Forgeworld is a good feature to have, but nothing can really compare to the maps cooked up by the specialists over at Bungie. This may just be one of the last sets of multiplayer maps that the team ever creates, so the package could also be seen as a collector's item. Depending on where the series goes from here, there's a chance that the Noble Map Pack may be one of the last top-quality releases for a Halo title.

I know I'll be picking up the map pack, and looking forward to the carnage that all of them will likely induce. It will be interesting to see which of the maps ascends to the rank of fan-favorite, and which of the maps (if any) are soon forgotten. The first look seems promising, but playing the map will ultimately determine if it works or not.

We'll all get the chance to let friends become enemies in the age-old battle between red and blue when Halo: Reach's Noble Map Pack goes on sale for 800 Microsoft Points on November 30, 2010, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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