Halo: Reach Goes Gold and Reveals More Multiplayer Details

Halo Reach

After the most successful beta turnout in gaming history and pre-orders in abundance, Bungie's final hand in the Halo universe, Halo: Reach, has gone gold.

With a month before Halo: Reach is in stores, Bungie is definitely proud of their accomplishments with the franchise and are positive about taking the next step.

Bungie's excecutive producer, Joseph Tung, shares his feelings with the Sydney Morning Herald:

"We went gold last night, so yeah, it's pretty much in the can. It's bittersweet for me personally. Everyone at Bungie loves the universe. We created the universe, have been working in it for 10 years. But I think everyone is really excited about what we are working on next."

We are curious to what's next for Bungie, but Halo: Reach still has another month before it hits shelves. With the news of going gold, they have pushed out some more juicy multiplayer details.

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For starters, they've detailed three new maps for online multiplayer: Zealot, Reflection and Spire.

Halo Reach


Zealot takes place on a Covenant enemy ship, donned in the classic purple aesthetic. The map also includes some low-gravity exterior combat, allowing you to quickly navigate the board and plan your levitated attacks.

Halo Reach Reflection


Reflection is an extremely polished version of Ivory Tower. The map was tweaked and modified to house the features that Halo: Reach is bringing. For example, the sniper perch is more vulnerable due to the inclusion of the jet pack and ability to reach heights.

Halo Reach Spire


Spire is a larger and more vertical map. There are easy ways to relocate from ground to highest point, including the option of a few vehicles like the Falcon. It also poses as a great setting to do some racing.

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Speaking of vehicles, Bungie has also detailed a few new ways to transport your team around the battlegrounds: The Revenant, Rocket Hog and Falcon.

Halo Reach Revenant


The Revenant is similar to the Wraith, but it's mortar isn't as powerful - and the vehicle is more agile and controllable. You can have one passenger hanging on the side as backup.

Halo Reach Rocket Hog

Rocket Hog

Yep, just like it sounds. A Warthog with a rocket launcher mount. Drive around with pals and blow stuff up. Good times!

Halo Reach Falcon


Seating three in multiplayer (five in campaign) your wingmen take the 2 gunner seats while you fly this bad boy. Flying solo makes you a free target with no defenses, so fill the seats up!

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Lastly, Bungie bestowed the armor permutations for the Elite class - and they definitely look pretty bad ass. The permutations are categorized as Minor, Spec-Ops, Ranger, Ultra, Zealot, General and Field Marshall. Check 'em out in the gallery below.

[gallery link="file" columns="2" include="33065, 33064, 33063, 33062, 33061, 33060, 33059"]

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It's pretty awesome that Halo: Reach has gone gold a month before the title hits shelves - and the additional tidbits are pretty sweet as well. I'm getting more eager to jump into the game as more of the features and in-game content pieces are revealed - launch day pick-up for me!

Halo: Reach launches September 14th for Xbox 360.

Well, Ranters, are you looking forward to Halo: Reach? What aspect are you looking forward to the most?

Source: Bungie

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