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The creative director over at Bungie has compared Halo: Reach to James Cameron’s box office behemoth Titanic.

It was also revealed that some aspects of the upcoming title will upset die-hard fans of the series’ source material; the 2001 prequel novel – Halo: The Fall of Reach.

Speaking to Edge, Marcus Lehto said:

“Reach is like Titanic – we know the end from the beginning. Reach is going to fall and 700 million people are going to perish as a result.”

“It’s a very dark story to tell, and our goal is to allow the player to experience Noble Team’s efforts and get satisfaction from them continuing to fight forward and achieve the final acts of what we can’t talk about today. That success is what’s so gratifying at the end.”

“We are very sensitive to the Halo canon, and we are careful not to be stomping on the Halo timeline. We’re playing to the events of the book, and while it’s not the gameplay version of the book, that story is taking place in the background. We’re following one isolated part of what’s happening on Reach.”

Executive producer for the game Joseph Tung added:

“There might be certain things the hardcore fans will take issue with, but there will be other things that will make them absolutely delighted.”

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What are you hoping to see in Halo: Reach? Are you excited or apprehensive about Lehto and Tung’s quotes?

Halo: Reach is due out later this year & you can expect a multiplayer beta to hit this Spring.

Source: Edge

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