Halo: Reach is getting closer and closer to REACHing store shelves  (See what I did there) and Bungie recently released a brand new trailer that is sure to whet the appetite of drooling Halo fans. The latest trailer shows off the brand new and improved Firefight mode for Halo: Reach, and let me be the first to tell you that it looks pretty freaking intense.

You can check out Halo: Reach’s Firefight 2.0 trailer after the jump:


Judging by the trailer, it would appear that there are two different ways to fight a fire. Depending on whether you are an Elite or a Spartan, you will have your own waves of enemies – Spartans get the Covenant and Elites get the UNSC. Brutes also seem to be coming back in style for Firefight mode and they look the most bad-ass they ever have.

The new trailer emphasizes Bungie’s effort to improve to Firefight mode and maybe they will even let you search for available players online this time (unlike the fun-but-lackluster Halo 3: ODST version). It looks a little more fun than flying around in a super-sonic space jet, but I guess we will have to see just how much Bungie has improved the Firefight mode when the game finally hits retailers.

Halo: Reach falls onto store shelves later this year on Sept. 14th.

What do you think about the new Halo: Reach Firefight 2.0 trailer? Does it get you pumped to play Reach?