Even Halo: Reach's Strategy Guides Have a Limited Edition

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Continuing with Halo: Reach's super crazy bundle trend, Brady Games will be releasing two different strategy guides for the title. Strategy guides aren't really one of the better investments for gamers nowadays, what with access to the internet and free walkthroughs, but if you're a collector of all things video game you may find yourself picking up one of these guides.

The standard Signature Series guide will come chock full of things you would expect: a walkthrough, multiplayer map layouts, and weapon and enemy information. That's all well and good for the $19.99 price, but if you decide to upgrade to the Limited Edition guide for $34.99, in addition to the walkthrough, you'll get:

  • A 96 page Developer Diary
  • Concept Art book
  • Commentary from Bungie's design team
  • A limited edition dust jacket/cover

Both guides will be releasing alongside Halo: Reach when it comes out in September.

I'm not a purchaser of any game guides at all, but this one seems like something I would want to pick up. Considering Reach is going to be the largest Halo title coming out, any related merchandise will prove to be a fun investment. Will all the hubbub surrounding this game, co-op matchmaking, penalizing quitters in multiplayer, and old maps that are newly realized, it's bound to be one of the largest releases in the history of gaming. Halo has always been a property that people have known about (if you haven't lived under a rock) ever since the first title came out with the original Xbox back in 2001.

Surely, this game will be one for the books.

Halo: Reach starts the fight on September 14, 2010 exclusively on Xbox 360.

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