'Halo: Reach' Ending Reaches YouTube

Halo Reach

Fanboys and girls are counting down the days until the highly anticipated prequel, Halo: Reach, hits store shelves in less than a month. Unfortunately, some people can't wait in line like everyone else - resorting to pirate sites - but it takes a special kind of thoughtless thieving jerk to then post the game's ending on the internet.

The ending to Bungie's final Halo game has been leaked on the web and can currently be viewed on YouTube if you look hard enough. I won't go into detail about what happens in the game's ending, but it's a pretty decent conclusion for a Halo game (considering that they almost always just set up for another game in the series afterwards).

For those of you hoping for Master Chief to show up... maybe he's in there. I'm completely joking, we've already learned that Master Chief would not physically appear in any capacity in Halo: Reach other than his voice being used to narrate multiplayer games.

Halo: Reach is looking to be the best Halo game ever - which comes as no surprise considering it's Bungie's last hoorah for the tent-pole franchise they created. Noble 6 is comparable to Master Chief in badass-ness, and the best part - he's completely customizable. So if you really feel the need you could probably recreate The Chief - and tear through the campaign as him.

I'm not going to post a link to the video but it shouldn't be too hard to find on YouTube - at least until Microsoft succeeds in pulling all the videos down. The game designer is reporting that the Reach finale videos are being pulled down almost as fast as they pop up, so if you want to spoil the end of the blockbuster - check it out ASAP.

Halo: Reach can be legitimately obtained through retailers on Sept. 14 only on Xbox 360.

Stay tuned to Game Rant for a full review of Halo: Reach in the coming weeks.

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