Rumor Patrol: 'Halo: Reach' Adds 250 Achievement Points, New DLC?

Halo Reach New Achievements

Most of you have likely been enjoying Halo: Reach since its release earlier this month, but those among you who are completionists (myself included) have probably noticed that the achievements in this installment are rather easy to collect compared to games past. Bungie must feel the same way because they'll apparently be releasing new DLC or an update worth 250 points with 10 brand new achievements sometime soon.

Bungie slipped this news through in the form of photos that were originally meant to explain how to install the game to your hard drive. There's still no news on when this DLC will hit Reach, but we do know that there will be a substantial October update coming that adds campaign matchmaking, new game modes, and address a few in-game bugs. It's plausible to assume that the achievements may land with this update, but I have a feeling that Bungie has something else planned, hopefully for free, that could add some new maps as well as game modes.

We know the achievements are coming, but there's no other news regarding what players will have to go through in order to obtain 'em all and raise their rank in Halo Waypoint. It would also be pretty awesome if they decided to throw a few more avatar awards in with the new achievements, but you shouldn't hold your breathe on that one.

As players may care to remember, Halo 3 was eventually brought up to a whopping 1,750 gamerscore after all the downloadable content had been purchased via Xbox Live or found on the second disc of ODST. That's great news for achievement junkies and fans of the franchise who just want something to do after playing the same game mode 1 billion and one times (not literally of course, but figuratively speaking).

The updates really can't come soon enough as new content in any game is always welcome -- especially when that content is free. However, if this sudden boost in achievements is linked to a brand new map pack in a similar fashion to Halo 3's then it'll be a little bit of a bummer to know that Microsoft and Bungie held back on some content that could have been included in the retail disc. Still, I'm sure a map pack would sell immensely well considering that Halo: Reach has had the largest entertainment launch of 2010.

So now that you know there are more achievements en route do you care? If you could make a Halo: Reach achievement what would it be?


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