New 'Halo: Reach' DLC is Coming 'Very Soon'

New Halo Reach DLC is Coming Very Soon

It's easy to forget about that Halo: Bleach game, or whatever it was, when the new Call of Duty: Black Ops - First Strike map pack only just released as a timed exclusive for Xbox Live. Even though Black Ops has been dominating the charts as of late, Halo: Reach has still managed to hold on to a very decent sized community of hungry Halo fans who have been without new content since November. Luckily, gamers who have been waiting to get back in and finish the fight may soon have a reason to, because new DLC has been said to be coming "very soon."

This news comes from Xbox Live's Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) during the most recent Inside Xbox. The topic of this particular episode was the top games of 2010 and, as anyone would assume, it prominently featured Halo: Reach. That the game made Xbox Live's list of top titles for 2010 isn't in the least bit shocking. However, Major Nelson did make mention of was something that was certainly of interest: Hryb stated that a new Halo: Reach add-on was coming very soon.

Other then the fact that a new Reach add-on was revealed to becoming soon, no other news was released. Odds are that the new DLC will be more multiplayer maps, which is a good thing for those who have gotten bored of the Noble Map Pack. What would really be cool, and a first for the Halo series, is if 343 Industries decided to add some extra levels to the game's campaign via the new add-on.

How could they possibly add more story missions after the fate of Noble Team was revealed in the end? Simple, follow the story of Jun and Dr. Halsey after they split up from Noble Team. The fate of Jun is still wide open to possibilities, and it would be interesting to see if there are perhaps future plans for Spartan A266. Hopefully this option is pursued, but gamers would still be more than content with new maps for multiplayer as well.

343 Industries should be revealing the new DLC for Halo: Reach soon, but in the meantime keep checking out Game Rant for more info as it becomes available.

Would you buy new Halo: Reach DLC? Would you prefer more campaign chapters or more maps?

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