Halo: Reach Beats Halo 3's Record for Concurrent Xbox Live Users

Halo Reach

With a game as highly anticipated as Halo: Reach there was the obvious expectation that this game was going to break some records. No word yet on the final tallies for first day sales but what we do have is the news that Halo: Reach has surpassed Halo 3’s record for the most unique users on Xbox Live at one time.

Released by Bungie via Twitter the tweet reads:

"Reach already surpassed the all-time highest record for Halo 3 concurrent unique users on LIVE. Woot!"

With Halo 3 fighting tooth and nail with Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox Live supremacy it looks like a new game has entered the fray. Time will tell whether Reach can sustain these numbers and become a long running juggernaut online, but this initial number is very impressive.

Whether it be the co-op matchmaking or the new revamped Firefight mode there are tons of opportunities for players who might be too afraid to jump right into the multiplayer to get their online feet wet. And with news that Xbox Live is 40% cheaper for a limited time, the expectation is that more and more people will be renewing their accounts or will jump into Live for the first time.

Although the main topic of discussion is the online, don’t think that the single player options are not there. For starters, the campaign is perhaps one of the best of a Halo game and was a good way for Bungie to go out with a bang. Beyond that, the new Forge World map editor will continue to deliver content as quickly as you can build it.

If you haven’t jumped onto Halo: Reach’s multiplayer then, based on these numbers, you are in the vast minority. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to get in on the fun at some point. Give Bungie their due and play some Halo: Reach.

How has your experience been with Halo: Reach on Live? Which facet of online play did you partake in?

Halo: Reach is out now for the Xbox 360.

Source: Twitter

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