Halo: The 10 Most Overpowered Weapons In The Entire Series, Ranked

The success of any first-person shooter title (or franchise, as it were) leans pretty heavily on the selection of weaponry that it has on offer. After all, these are going to be the tools with which the player performs the greater majority of their interactions with the game world. Given that Halo has commanded a pretty dominant stake in the genre for nearly two decades, it should go without saying that it boasts an immaculate armory.

But sometimes those very weapons can go just a little bit overboard. Whether you were just the victim of an across-the-map headshot, or you just had your Banshee brought screaming down from the sky by an inescapable explosive projectile, everyone's experienced a moment of passion in which they thoroughly decried a particular weapon as overpowered, usually alongside a fit of colorful language. Below are the ten most likely weapons to evoke that very reaction.

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10 The Answer (As Seen In Halo 5)

Halo 5's REQ cards and Power Weapons offer enough of a ridiculously overpowered selection to occupy the entirety of this list. But in the interest of fairness, we're knocking it down to one particular entry that can also be located in Halo 5's campaign mode, specifically on the level Genesis.

The Answer is a typical SAW, which is strong to begin with, except it's modified to fire high explosive rounds. To put that into context, it can completely melt through a fully armored Spartan in just over half a second. It's also proficient at blowing up vehicles, and pretty much anything else it's being pointed at.

9 Sniper Rifle (As Seen In Halo: Combat Evolved)

A tried and true classic, Halo: CE's original sniper rifle is absolutely notorious. Once a target's caught in the scope, there's soon to be nothing but tears, rage and a convenient vapor trail tracing back to the origin of the shot left behind.

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In fact, the latter is one of the only true drawbacks to using the weapon. However, any savvy sniper knows to keep moving after they've revealed their position and that's only going to be a real issue if there's anyone left to retaliate. Given that it takes only one well-placed round to the head or two thunderous claps to the torso, that's usually not a problem.

8 Gravity Hammer (As Seen In Halo 3)

Halo 2 had really outdone itself by introducing the iconic Energy Sword, so Halo 3 was pressed to up the ante in terms of overpowered melee weapons. Needless to say, they didn't disappoint when they brought the Gravity Hammer to the table.

The Gravity Hammer is capable of hitting and killing multiple targets with splash damage, can effectively damage vehicles, and with incredibly precise timing, can even deflect projectiles such as grenades. When it comes to the Gravity Hammer, overpowered might be an understatement. So long as you can get close enough to use it.

7 Battle Rifle (As Seen In Halo 2)

Yes, the Battle Rifle. There's a reason that it occupied the preferred slot in so many competitive players' arsenals over the years, and that's because it was simply a better option than most others, and nowhere was this more evident than its introduction in Halo 2.

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Firing a deadly accurate, three-round hitscan burst, Halo 2's iteration of the Battle Rifle was an indomitable force when put in the hands of a skilled player. Although it was primarily a mid to long-range weapon, players that really knew how to handle it would absolutely come out on top at practically any engagement range.

6 Spartan Laser (As Seen In Halo 3)

The Spartan Laser is easily the strongest weapon in Halo 3, and it might just be the most outright powerful weapon on this list. A single blast will pulverize most vehicles, or multiple fully shielded players if they're positioned correctly. Thankfully, however, its ridiculous damage potential is tempered by a few sorely necessary drawbacks, if only just so.

The Spartan Laser telegraphs its shots with a targeting beam, alerting its victims that ten tons of hurt is just around the corner and prompting them to take evasive action. It also takes several seconds to charge the shot, and a few more to cool down afterward.

5 Energy Sword (As Seen In Halo 2)

The Energy Sword is perhaps most well known for its infamous death lunge, where the player wielding it can close the gap between themselves and an opponent with remarkable speed, and at a surprising range. The following sword swipe is also deadly accurate, and notoriously difficult to avoid.

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A skilled player can chain together multiple lunges when the opportunity presents itself. There are some limited counters, such as the classic shotgun-to-the-face, but this takes incredibly precise timing. Apart from that, there's the obvious drawback of the wielder needing to get close enough to the target to pull it off.

4 SPNKr Rocket Launcher (As Seen In Halo 2)

Rocket Launchers are always a good time, but they were never so lethal as they were in Halo 2. Although they're obviously deadly to infantry with a good sense of timing and anticipating enemy movements, they were practically a death sentence when brought to bear against vehicles.

Halo 2 introduced a lock-on mechanic for the rocket launcher that was, perhaps, that a wee bit too vigorous in its implementation. It sacrificed a minimal amount of the raw firepower it possessed in Halo: CE, but the ludicrously effective tracking ability that it picked up was the bane of any piloted vehicle.

3 Beam Rifle (As Seen In Halo 2)

The Beam Rifle served as an effective Covenant counter option to the typical UNSC Sniper Rifle and functioned along the same premise. Though it didn't need to reload, it would overheat if fired too quickly. However, what landed it here was not its performance in the hands of a player, no matter how skilled.

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The Beam Rifle is the weapon of choice for the infamous Covenant Sniper Jackals, known and feared throughout the Halo 2 campaign for their uncanny, practically unerring accuracy. These guys were absolutely brutal, as anyone that's ever made a Legendary run through Halo 2 can attest.

2 Boltshot (As Seen In Halo 4)

Halo 4's Boltshot is practically a legend in terms of poorly balanced weaponry. To this day Halo 4's multiplayer is marred by the presence of this unassuming secondary weapon, which is capable of completely melting a fully shielded player in one shot out to fifteen feet with its charged shot. And that's post nerf.

Of course, the primary fire is practically useless in most circumstances, though it can one-shot an unshielded player with a shot to the head, making it a frequent hotswap option. Altogether there simply aren't enough drawbacks to offset the immense power of its secondary fire.

1 M6D Magnum Pistol (As Seen In Halo: Combat Evolved)

And finally, we come to the best of the best, the top dog of Halo: CE's advanced futuristic weaponry. And it's none other than the humble pistol, the very first weapon that the Master Chief gets his hands on in the single-player campaign. You'd be an absolute fool to trade it for anything else.

The Magnum had everything you ever needed. Pinpoint accuracy, deadly headshot capability, and a nice 2X scope for maintaining accuracy out to mid and long-range engagements. The immense power of Halo: CE's pistol is actually the result of a last-minute code alteration by Bungie co-founder Jason Jones, who during a 2013 interview, comfortably accepted the "credit and blame" for its performance.

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