'Halo: Master Chief Collection' to Receive Multiple Updates Soon

Halo Master Chief Collection Updates Coming

While many developers set off on their holiday vacation knowing that most of the hard work was done on their 2014 releases, a few, like Halo: Master Chief Collection studio 343 Industries, were kept busy through the New Year. They, of course, were stuck trying to fix the game's numerous multiplayer issues, which have plagued the Master Chief Collection since launch.

Luckily, that overtime has seemingly paid off, as the folks at 343 reveal there are multiple updates on the way. In fact, the first of those updates is said to hit tomorrow, January 8th, adding a few extra achievements for multiplayer and the recently added Spartan Ops campaign. There are no details on how many achievements 343 plans to add, though.

However, the biggest updates are a little further off, but not by much. One fix, said to improve UI and a variety of other areas, is slated to release at some point next week, although we don't know exactly when.

Our next content update, which will address UI and a variety of other areas, is currently on track for delivery next week. We will provide additional info regarding the exact ETA and final details of the upcoming content update once the certification process is completed.

Additionally, this Thursday, we’ll be updating MCC to include new achievements for Spartan Ops, as well as some additional ones for multiplayer. These will become available this Thursday, 1/8.

The biggest takeaway from this week's post is that 343 Industries remains dedicated to improving the Halo: Master Chief Collection experience. They may have had an extremely disappointing launch, but a continuous string of updates shows that they want to give fans the complete Halo experience they were promised.

More than that, though, 343 has offered new features as an apology for MCC's poor launch state, including the aforementioned Spartan Ops campaign and a forthcoming HD remake of Halo 3: ODST. However, ODST won't be available until some time later this year.

For now, players have a series of updates to look forward to that seemingly improve some of the finer points in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. With no mention of matchmaking in the post, it's hard to tell where the game sits in terms of its playability, but that could be a good sign. We may finally be close to an optimal Master Chief Collection.

What changes would you like to see added with these forthcoming updates? Has your experience with Master Chief Collection improved since launch?


Source: 343 Industries

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