'Halo: The Master Chief Collection' Mjolnir Edition Sells Out Instantly

Halo Master Chief Collection Mjolnir Edition

Later this year, Halo fans around the world will have the chance to re-experience (or experience for the first time) the Master Chief saga in all its glory. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is the most substantial…er…collection of Halo games yet, packing all four of the mainline Halo games onto a single Xbox One disc.

But, considering Halo 1-4 have already been released — in the case of Halo 1 that's once on Xbox and as an Anniversary Edition on 360 — it's hard to wonder how high demand is for this Collection. However, if a recent pre-order sale from UK retailer GAME is any indication, then it's safe to say Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be pretty popular.

Earlier today, GAME put their Mjolnir Edition of the Halo: Master Chief Collection on sale, and within minutes it was sold out. The Mjolnir Edition was quite the special Edition — packing in a 12" Master Chief Statue, a steel book case, a map book featuring every Halo multiplayer map, and a Grunt Funeral skull DLC code.

Gamers outside the UK can still pick up a few of these items (basically, not the statue) where available, but they should act fast. As far as we know, though, the Grunt Funeral skull unlocks for all pre-order holders. Check out the skull, which turns every Grunt corpse into a plasma grenade, in the video below:


When it was first announced at E3 2014, Halo: The Master Chief Collection seemed like a decent stopgap while 343 Industries finished up work on Halo 5. In fact, Halo 2's Anniversary Edition, which comes packed in with the Collection, features some new Terminals and story bits that reportedly factor into Halo 5's journey. We have no idea how that is, yet, but chances are it has something to do with the Arbiter and Halo 5's second protagonist Locke.

As far as The Master Chief Collection itself is concerned, 343's compendium packs in a ton of content including every multiplayer map ever released. Moreover, players can experience the four Halo games in a number of different ways thanks to the new playlists feature. Say, for example, gamers only want to play the vehicle levels spread across the four games — they can do that.

Halo Master Chief Collection No PC Xbox 360 2

And, as if that wasn't enough, the Collection also includes six classic maps from Halo 2 that have been redesigned with a completely new engine. Fear not, the original Halo 2 multiplayer selection is still there - in all of its original glory, we should add — these six maps are like an added bonus. The maps even have the input of original Halo 2 multiplayer designer Max Hoberman so as to preserve their original spirit. So far, 343 has announced Ascension, Coagulation, and Zanzibar.

What special items would you like to see included with a Halo: Master Chief Collection Limited Edition? What most intrigues you about the Collection as a whole?

Halo: The Master Chief Collection releases November 11, 2014 (November 14th in the UK) for Xbox One.


Source: GAME

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