Yet Another 'Halo: Master Chief Collection' Update Coming This Week

Halo 2 Anniversary - Master Chief Close-up

November 11, 2014 was the day that Halo: The Master Chief Collection released for the Xbox One, as many a Halo fan were eager to re-visit the games of the past - on a whole new system! Yet the launch and subsequent weeks haven't been kind to those players. Believe it or not, it's been three weeks since the collection released, and updates are still coming from 343 Industries to further fix the game.

Microsoft received some heat (or more heat) earlier this week due to a promotion that offered reward credits to those that buy $60 worth of Halo products, while launch buyers continue to be met with a game that doesn't work as expected. Why anyone would opt-in to spending that amount on anything Halo right now is unknown, but perhaps Microsoft viewed the promotion as something of an apology. Though it didn't go over the way it was intended, neither the company or studio have forgotten The Master Chief Collection.

At any rate, yet another update is set to release later this week, as detailed by 343, though nothing more than "improvements to the matchmaking system and flow" were specified as part of it. The previous update that released during the holidays last week came with lengthy patch notes that laid out everything contained within. However, it also revealed that many things within the collection still needed to be addressed or tweaked; Matchmaking, unsurprisingly, had the most notes, followed by Halo 2 Anniversary.

Halo 2 Anniversary - Master Chief on his way to the rec center

In a status update posted to the Halo forums, the developer explained that this upcoming update won't be the last for the MCC:

This particular update is on track for delivery this week. We will provide more details on the exact ETA, included fixes, and additional upcoming content updates in the near future. Please stay tuned to this thread for more details.

Considering the fact that the above update was from Monday, December 1, it's safe to expect another brief update before week's end. Although, those hoping for the update to be releases before the weekend may want to adjust their expectations. Unless the next status update posted on the forums reveals that the content update is now available.

Are you still willing to give 343 and the Halo series a chance after all of these updates? Or have you moved on to other games that have fewer problems?

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is out now for the Xbox One. The Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta kicks off on December 29, 2014.

Source: 343 Industries

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