Halo Fan Builds Awesome Master Chief Armor


Since Master Chief's introduction in 2001, gamers everywhere have been obsessed with John-117's look and many have sought to create a MJOLNIR suit of their very own. Some have tried to stay as faithful to the original, while others have tried to make the real life armor replica more functional. The latest effort comes from Adam Coe, a Halo fan who has created an impressive armor set for only $300 so far.

The armor is made out of EVA foam with neodymium magnets and, although it's not finished just yet, it certainly looks incredible. Posting on the creator's Reddit account, Coe writes that he's likely to spend his current budget again when it comes to creating the Halo-themed suit's spine, undersuit, gloves, and helmet.


Although armor like this has been made before, Coe has added one thing that standard cosplay-enthusiasts have often missed: speakers in the suit's booster packs. As the dedicated Halo fan puts it: 'every galactic hero needs his theme music.' For the passionate Halo fan, this means the entirety of the series' soundtrack, but he's particularly fond of the Halo 2 theme.

Surprisingly, the armor is rather flexible, since all of the abdominal plates overlap and move independently from one another. The plates at the back are separate too, which Coe claims allows him to sit down comfortably. This intelligent design came straight from the creator himself, who freehanded the templates personally after failing to find any files online that were to his liking.

It's an incredible project, and it comes shortly after the latest wave of Halo hype arrived with the launch of Halo Wars 2. Recently, the developers behind the latest and greatest RTS have announced that the newly-launched game will be receiving new campaign missions in time, which should keep fans invested in the Halo spin-off title.

In other Halo news, 343 studio head Bonnie Ross has confirmed that all FPS games in the series from this point forward will have the split-screen functionality that the Halo franchise used to be known for. After a questionable decision to remove the feature in the latest Halo iterations, the developers saw a significant backlash from the gaming community.

Source: Reddit

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