Rumor Patrol: 'Halo Kinect' Currently Under Development?

Halo Kinect Currently Under Development?

The Kinect has been a runaway success for the boys at Microsoft, and after phenomenal sales numbers during the holidays Microsoft should be aiming to keep the hardware moving. It looks like they plan to do just that, but in a way that is sure to excite core gamers, and introduce  casual gamers to one of Microsoft's largest franchises ever.

It seems that the kind people at Microsoft purchased a URL that hints at a potential combination between two of their most successful products thus far: Halo and Kinect. The website domain that they picked up is simply, and it was registered by Microsoft last year in mid June.

Now, before anyone runs to GameStop to throw money down on a new Kinect unit, they should know that this is by no means definitive evidence that proves Microsoft is working on a Halo related project for Kinect. Microsoft could have just been securing the domain in case they ever decided to take the Halo property in that direction. Also, rumor has it that 343 Industries is already hard at work on a Halo: Combat Evolved remake, so it's unlikely that they would have the time or resources to be working on two games of this caliber simultaneously.

Even though we probably won't be dropping Covenant as Master Chief without a controller for quite some time, however, it's highly probable that Microsoft will create a Halo game on Kinect at some point. There is far too much profit that they stand to make by releasing Halo on their well-received and incredibly intuitive motion camera to let the opportunity go to waste. Core gamers are more apt to purchase a title in a franchise they already know is awesome, and a Halo Kinect game would essentially be a "gateway" for the casual audience who have yet to play the other Halo installments.

Halo Kinect may not see the light of day for a while yet, but at the very least avid Halo fans can already use the Kinect to drive both the Ghost and the Warthog in Kinectimals. Of course, if that happens then they have to admit to actually playing Kinectimals...

Do you think a Halo title on the Kinect is a good idea? What other Microsoft franchises would you like to see make the jump to Kinect?

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