343 Talks Xbox One Version of Halo Infinite

halo infinite will be playable on xbox one

A couple of months ago, Microsoft announced at E3 2019 that 343 Industries' upcoming Halo Infinite would be a major launch title for the next-generation Xbox. However, the developer reassured fans that the game will still release on the Xbox One.

Halo director Frank O'Connor explained to YouTuber Blackmist523 that while Halo Infinite will be made for Xbox Scarlett, the studio will ensure that the game will still look incredible for the Xbox One. "The Xbox One is not going to be a second-class citizen. We're building it so it plays fantastic on the Xbox One, and everything else is plus-plus-plus."

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While 343 confirms that Halo Infinite will run well on the Xbox One, it is obvious that the game will look and perform better with the upgraded hardware of the Xbox Scarlett. As of the moment, it is unclear whether the Xbox One version will be limited in some capacity, but at least players who don't want to upgrade to the next-gen console right away will still be able to play the upcoming game.

Halo Infinite is also launching on the PC on the same day as its console counterpart. O'Connor said that developers are always "shooting for the best possible hardware target." So will Halo Infinite run better on the PC or Scarlett? The dev said that it all boils down to the player's PC specs at the day of release, given that the Xbox Scarlett is looking to be a powerhouse on its own.

As for the development of Halo Infinite, O'Connor talked briefly about the game's story, and how it is connected to the events of Halo 5: Guardians. The dev went on to say that while not much is currently known about Halo Infinite's direction, the trailer showcased at E3 will give players an idea of what to expect, and how the game will look and feel overall.

Halo Infinite is launching Holiday 2020 for the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Scarlett.

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