Halo Infinite Revealed With New Cinematic Trailer

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As many fans had predicted and hoped, Microsoft put a new Halo title on display at their E3 2018 press conference. The latest installment of the seminal Microsoft franchise, titled Halo Infinite, was the show opener, with a beautiful new cinematic trailer, followed by Xbox head Phil Spencer introducing the title to the audience.

The trailer shows off many sweeping shots of landscape and wildlife, as well as what looks like damaged Halos. The trailer eventually lands on what looks to be a group surveying the wilderness before pulling back to reveal Master Chief. The trailer end with two interesting shots. The first is the reveal SlipSpace Engine, created by 343 for the new game. The second shot shows Master Chief plugging some kind of AI into his helmet, and considering the story of the previous game it probably isn't Cortana.

As we previously mentioned, it is far from a surprise to see a new Halo title announced at at Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference, in fact many were disappointed to not hear anything regarding the title at last years convention. Hopefully 343 have used that time wisely and will make make good on the "New Halo Experience" fans were promised.

One piece of news sure to excite many fans is the reveal that not only will the game be released on Xbox One but it will also be making it's way to PC. Halo 6 on PC has been rumored for a while and as many PC gamers remember, the previous entry in the franchise, Halo 5: Guardians, never actually made it to PC.

The trailer did not reveal a released date so it seems unlikely that gamers will get to our hands on the Halo Infinite this year, but one can't imagine its that far off. It had already been rumored we wouldn't see the title this year so it doesn't come a huge surprise. Hopefully fans won't have to wait too much longer to return to the universe Bungie crafted so many years ago.

Halo Infinite currently has no release date.

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