Halo Infinite Uses A New Engine


As many Microsoft fans had been hoping, 343 Industries decided to announce Halo: Infinite during the tech firm's big E3 2018 press conference earlier this week by putting out a gloriously crafted cinematic trailer for the forthcoming title. As exhibited by the footage, the developer looks to be planning on taking the first-person shooter franchise in a completely different stylistic direction and approach than previous efforts, with 343 head Chris Lee even stating that the company built a new engine for the title.

As seen in the Twitter exchange below between a fan and Chris Lee, the latter explained certain choices that were made by 343 Industries to use Halo: Infinite as a means to continue the story after the events of Halo 5, and in order to do so, the studio must make some changes. This has lead to the forthcoming game being so "ambitious" that the developer was required to build a new engine so as to support its vision.

Calling it the SlipSpace Engine, 343 Industries has yet to divulge exactly how the new game engine will support Halo: Infinite and help to set it apart from its predecessors, but the studio did clarify in a blog post that the trailer was technically for the engine and not the game itself. Unfortunately, though, this was not communicated thoroughly on the stage itself, with the blog post in question suggesting that Halo: Infinite is a long way off, with the title of post being "Our Journey Begins."

All things considered, the visuals on display with Halo: Infinite's cinematic debut in the SlipSpace Engine show that 343 Industries definitely seems intent on giving the series a considerably advanced graphical update. While there's no word on exactly when we will see live gameplay, though, it's good to know that the forthcoming sequel will at least tell a more Master Chief-centric story.

Halo: Infinite is currently in development for Xbox One.

Source: Chris Lee – Twitter

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