New 'Halo: Glasslands' Novel Ties Halo 3 & 4 Together

Halo Glasslands Novel by Karen Traviss

Halo 4 isn't scheduled to release until sometime next year, but it's still at the forefront of every Halo fan's mind. The fourth installment - and first new game from 343 Industries - will finally bring back series poster boy, Master Chief, and the expectations are high. However, there's still a lot of story left to tell in order to bridge the gap between Halo 3 and Halo 4, and that's why a new trilogy of Halo novels has been announced — starting with Halo: Glasslands this October.

This new trilogy is being written by none other than Karen Traviss. Yes, that is indeed the same Traviss who wrote novels for such blockbuster licenses such as Gears of War and Star Wars, a perfect fit for the Halo franchise. Halo: Glasslands "will explore the Halo Universe in the wake of the final events of Halo 3," likely telling the story of what life on earth is like after the fall of the Covenant. Judging by the cover of the book, the newly formed alliance with the Elites is seemingly a main focus for the new story.

It'll be interesting to see how the world has evolved without Master Chief, and what — if any — new threat rises up to meet the Elites and UNSC. The title "Glasslands" is obviously a play on the Covenant's keenness on turning the surface of a planet to glass via giant lasers, so one would think that the new book likely has something to do with that.

The cover for Halo: Glasslands can be seen below [click to enlarge].

Karen Traviss Halo Trilogy

Whatever plot twists may be ready and waiting in Halo: Glasslands will have to remain a secret until the new novel launches on October 25, 2011.

Are you excited to learn what happens after Halo 3 and will you be picking up Halo: Glasslands to find out?


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Source: Joystiq

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