343 Industries Addresses The Future of the 'Halo' Franchise

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Though it is well known that 343 Industries is taking the reigns from Bungie and creating new games in the immensely popular Halo series, there hasn't been that much said about what shape the future of Halo will take. In a recent interview, 343 briefly touched upon their intentions as developers of the franchise, and about the series continuing to branch out into other media.

When asked by CVG whether 343 Industries would be open to collaboration on future Halo projects, Frank O'Connor, the creative director over at 343, responded with the following:

"343 is a publishing entity and like Bungie before it is always open to collaboration."

"In the future - who knows. Fundamentally, right now we're building a large powerful top tier studio to make triple-A experiences in the future, that's our general direction right now. We'll continue to do little collaborations with people but for core experiences we have to keep those close to home. There's lots of ways to do that and 343 Industries is one of them."

On the matter of whether or not 343 believes that fans would be interested in experiencing the universe of Halo in non-gaming mediums,  O'Connor had this to say:

"Yes and I think that video games aren't necessarily the best place to tell a narrative story - it is one of the best places to put a universe and Halo proves that. If you think about Halo without the Covenant and the Forerunner architecture, without the anachronistic human guns, the war, it stops making any sense. It's a fantastic place to build a universe because not only you can show the people, you can let them experience it, touch it, feel it, smell it."

343 Industries has previously gone on record about knowing that Halo 4 will be judged harshly without Bungie handling development, and also spoke about the dramatic inovations that they have in mind for Halo 4.

To say that the future of one of the most successful video game franchises of all time is riding on 343 Industries is an understatement. Hopefully, gamers will wait until more details about the next Halo game are revealed before they pass judgement.

Do you feel that even without Bungie, the Halo franchise will continue to be successful? Will the next Halo game will be as epic as it's predecessors? Let us know with your thoughts and comments below!

Source: CVG

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