'Halo: Cryptum' Pwns Your Local Book Store

Halo Cryptum

Attention Halo fans! There are at least a couple of you. The gods of all things Spartan-related are cool with you taking a quick break from your strict schedule of headshots and trash-talking. Why would they want this? Don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything non-Halo related, but it shouldn’t escape the attention of the Halo-hardcore that the franchise’s new novel, Halo: Cryptum, is available right now.

That’s right, starting today, those who put the controller down long enough will be able to obtain the first in a series of three books that flesh out the story of the Forerunners in both digital and analog (you know, actual books… like on paper) formats. For those in need of a refresher course, the Forerunners were the aliens that came before both the Covenant and humanity. Let’s not forget that they are the ones that built the Halos in the first place. Check out the official synopsis:

HALO: Cryptum is the story of a young, rebellious Manipular - yet to become a part of the adult Forerunner society. He comes from a family of Builders, who create the grand technology that facilitates Forerunner dominance over the known universe. But his obsession with artifacts old and forgotten, left behind by the Precursors -long-vanished superbeings of unknowable power and intent - begins achain of events with vast and unpredictable consequences. This is a tale of life, death, intergalactic horror, exile, and maturity. It is a story of overwhelming change - and of human origins. For the Mantle may not lie upon the shoulders of Forerunners forever...

The man behind the pen on this new prequel chapter in the Halo universe is author Greg Bear. Bear has been on the receiving end of more than a few Hugo and Nebula Awards for his work, so one of gaming’s most beloved franchises should be in pretty capable hands.

Even though a Halo film seems to be forever doomed to development-heck, it’s nice to see the universe continue to expand. Admittedly though, it’s hard not to wish that more of these story expansions would actually take place in the games themselves, a la Halo: Reach, rather than forcing gamers to seek out other mediums for the meatier narrative developments.

How many Ranters will be downloading or turning pages through this latest piece of the Halo puzzle? Are you excited for more of these novels, or does this premise sound like it could have been made into a good game? Either way, you can pick up a copy of Halo: Cryptum right this instant.

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