Alright Kinect fans, settle down there. Anticipation for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is growing, but 343 Industries doesn’t want gamers getting “hyper-excited” about the game’s Kinect features. The developer confirmed Kinect support for Halo Anniversary, but is now trying to downplay the extent of the feature.

When the news first broke, many people were worried that 343 Industries had implemented some sort of motion-based control scheme for Anniversary, which would have likely ruined the attempt to remain faithful to the original Halo. After the outbreak of concern, 343 Industries quickly assured everyone that the Kinect features would not affect the core gameplay experience.

In fact, gamers probably shouldn’t dwell on the Kinect component too much anyway. It appears that whatever the developer has planned to do with the Kinect is very minor.

In a statement today by the game’s franchise development director, Frank O’Connor, the developer once again attempts to lower the expectations for the feature.

“. . . We don’t even have a date penciled in for that announcement. I don’t think it’s going to be something that people need to be hyper-excited about. It’ll be cool, but it’s not something you’d put on the front of the box.

“I don’t want to downplay it, but I think of it like this – I use voice on Netflix and it’s awesome, and that’s what this’ll be. Something that enhances your overall experience.”

His mention of voice commands suggests that the Kinect aspect in Anniversary may be something akin to using voice controls to navigate menus. This would be a cool way to handle the menu system and could make changing settings during the game more fun.

On the other hand, it would be cool if 343 added some kind of mini-game — totally separate from the core experience — that implemented the Kinect technology in the Halo universe. I can see lots of gamers having fun with a Kinect shooting gallery, as it would be a blast taking out enemies Duck Hunt-style, with a variety of classic Halo weapons.

Regardless of what Kinect features the developer implements, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is shaping up to be a love letter to fans of the series roots. If you’re not already excited, check out the behind-the-scenes video that explains some of the team’s goals for the remake.

Don’t get too excited for voice or motion controls, but feel free to let us know what you think the Kinect feature might be in the comments section below.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will be available November 15, 2011 for the Xbox 360.

Source: OXM