Remakes tend to bring about very different reactions whenever they are announced. For beloved franchises, feelings can range from excitement to betrayal, and arguments about ‘leaving the past alone’ instead of fixing things that aren’t broken. So when 343 Industries announced that their first entry into the Halo franchise would be a next-gen Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, many people didn’t know what to think.

The latest batch of developer diaries released by 343 clears all that up, with the developers themselves explaining why they think a brand new version of the game that started it all is exactly what the market needs. Whether you approve or not, the gameplay shown is enough to warrant a viewing.

You have to hand it to the developers for not simply shrinking under the pressure.

In the modern world of gaming, it’s hard to think of a developer who made as much of a splash as Bungie did, if for no other reason than making the Xbox 360 what it is today. That’s a hard act to follow, but 343 Industries has to do just that.

While the final verdict will likely have to wait until they release Halo 4 next year, the new looks behind the scenes at the studio show just how committed the team is to continuing the franchise for a new group of fans. While many Halo enthusiasts may still have fond memories of the original Combat Evolved, the truth is that a large section of the current fan base likely never played it.

With that fact in mind, the developers at 343 approached a remake as the perfect chance to not only celebrate the ten year anniversary of the series, but give fans old and new a chance to relive a new and improved version of the first Master Chief adventure. Take a look at the newest developer diary now:


We got the chance to see Anniversary at E3, and took notice of the painstaking efforts to bring the old version of the game into the newer one, both figuratively and literally. There’s a good chance that many of you are already aching to see the switching from old to new in real time, and luckily, the section of gameplay shown at E3 2011 has also been released by 343.

See how the unrealistic weaponry and classic physics look with a distinct next-gen flavor in the gameplay video. Be warned, walks down memory lane are a definite risk:


It’s hard to not become immediately reminiscent when seeing the classic version of Halo: Combat Evolved, and while some may prefer that the original be left completely untouched, you can’t argue with the improved graphics. However the game shakes out, we’ll hope that it manages to be a treat for old fans, while still able to bring even more fans into the franchise.

What’s your take on Anniversary? Are you most looking forward to a second chance to play through the campaign, or is it the multiplayer that has you excited? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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