There is no doubt that Xbox 360 owners, who also happen to also be Halo fans, are looking forward to replaying through the original Combat Evolved campaign once again when Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary comes out this November. Some may argue that the idea of playing through a game that was created a decade ago isn’t that appealing, but 343 Industries is working really hard to ensure that hardcore fans of the original will be revisiting a fresh experience when they don Master Chief’s armor once again.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary has already been confirmed to feature quite a few new additions, but today 343 Industries has lifted the embargo on some classified information. No, they didn’t detail what the Kinect features in the latest Halo title will be, but they did reveal that the title will be able to run in 3D. This 3D isn’t the red and blue glasses kind either, but full-on stereoscopic 3D that is only available on 3D-compatible televisions.

I had a chance to see how well the added 3D effects work in Anniversary this during last week’s X’11 event in Toronto and, suffice to say, it’s very well done. The only downside is that the 3D can’t be used when players switch to the game’s classic look, but in hindsight that makes sense and it’s really hard to be devastated over that. After all, the original Halo wasn’t in 3D anyway, and the point of switching between the game’s look is to see what the game looked like a decade ago. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary‘s terminal videos are unable to be enjoyed in the third dimension either.

It was also surprising to learn that the game’s multiplayer won’t take advantage of the newest feature, because 3D really would have been a fun thing to have online. Given that the re-imagined maps will also be accessible through the Halo: Reach disc, it makes sense that 343 wouldn’t make a mere handful of 3D maps on the Reach engine.

The revamp of Combat Evolved looks great, and the game’s glorious face lift is only enhanced by the addition of 3D. Microsoft has expressed interest in adding 3D support to all of their games, and after Gears of War 3 was confirmed to support 3D it was only a matter of time before the feature made its way over to the Halo universe.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary crash lands onto store shelves this November 15th, exclusively on Xbox 360.

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