10 Best Halo CE Anniversary Terminals (& Where To Find Them)

Major fans of Halo's lore adored the anniversary edition of Halo: Combat Evolved. The remade game had a new sheen of polish to it and included terminals in each of the ten missions available. These terminals provided players with great insight into the incredible backstory of the Halo universe.

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Some of the terminals were quite easy to find, while others were delightfully well-hidden. So let's take a ranked look at these story terminals, along with some tips on where to find them. Read on if you want to know which terminals in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary are the most interesting and where you can find them.

10 Halo (Terminal 2)

The second terminal you can find in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is intriguing, but overall not the best that is offered. It tells the story of Guilty Spark being assigned to Installation 04, the very Halo ring that the Chief is on. Spark is intrigued about his assignment, but unsure about the future of the Forerunners. You can find the terminal when you first reach those artificial caves after locating the first group of UNSC marines. Before the ramp, the terminal is located in a tiny, dead-end hallway. You can find it easily thanks to is signature, pulsing glow when you're looking at it.

9 The Silent Cartographer (Terminal 4)

Terminal 4 shows Guilty Spark's growing boredom on his installation. After the Halo Array was fired and both the Forerunners and the Flood infection purged, the only beings Spark had contact with were his fellow monitors on other installations. Over time, however, he lost contact with them all. He only had himself for company.

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The fourth terminal can be found near the structure where the first pair of Hunters are lounging around. The mission "The Silent Cartographer" is one of the best of the game. Its terminal, on the other hand, is only middling in terms of content.

8 Assault On The Control Room (Terminal 5)

Terminal 5 begins an intriguing tale that occurs during Guilty Spark's increasingly isolated time on Installation 04. A strange ship crash-lands on his ring, but due to protocols set in place by the Forerunners when the rings were made, Spark is not allowed to make contact with whatever beings are within. He instead waits outside of the vehicle, hoping they emerge. This terminal can be found toward the end of "Assault on the Control Room." When you first reach the outside of the pyramid structure, hop into the snowy crevasse that's nearby. It is located in the center of this hole.

7 343 Guilty Spark (Terminal 6)

The sixth terminal finishes the brief story of the ship that crashed onto Guilty Spark's ring. Apparently, whoever was in that ship never made it. The ship burned, and no one came out, much to Guilty Spark's disappointment. It's clear that he's craving company. While he followed protocol this time around and left the inhabitants of that ship alone, he vows next time such an occurrence happens, he will ignore the rules and satisfy his curiosity. This terminal is found right when you reach the elevator that takes you to the surface at the end of "343 Guilty Spark." It is on top of the doorway, only reachable by a leap from the elevator platform.

6 Pillar Of Autumn (Terminal 1)

This is one of the easiest terminals to locate. Terminal 1 is found on the bridge of the Pillar of Autumn in the first mission. Before greeting Captain Keyes, check the glowing computer screen with the words "Incoming Message" on it.

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This terminal shows how Guilty Spark is trying to make contact with the Autumn, warning them away from the Halo ring. However, once he finds out that the ship contains humans, i.e. the successors to the Forerunners, he changes his tune. He welcomes them to his installation and calls them Reclaimers.

5 Two Betrayals (Terminal 8)

This is an interesting terminal in that it mentions the Didact for the first time. Fans of the Halo series know the Didact to be one of the fiercest Forerunners in ages past. He was against the construction of the Rings, even though his partner, the Librarian, was the Forerunner in charge of building and populating them. Terminal 8 can be found at the very beginning of the mission. Since you start the mission on this circular platform, walk around to the side of the circle opposite you. The terminal will be glowing and waiting for you at the other hemisphere.

4 The Maw (Terminal 10)

Terminal 10 can be so easily accessed, you might have found it by accident. After reaching the Cryogenic storage room and climbing the ladder to the second level, it is located in the room next door. While fighting off the Flood, it is easy to activate the Terminal while you're trying to reload. This terminal is full of Guilty Spark's fury. Instead of telling events of the past, it showcases Spark's anger at the Chief, the humans, and the Covenant for releasing the Flood on his installation. Spark even wishes that he had a bunch of Prometheans (an enemy type from Halo 4) to fight off the invaders.

3 The Library (Terminal 7)

You have to make quite a trek to reach Terminal 7. Once you reach the third floor of the Library, make your way to the giant elevator shaft. If you look out across the gaping hole, you will see the glowing terminal opposite you. You have to hop over these support struts on the perimeter of the hole to reach the seventh terminal. Terminal 7 is incredibly interesting because it shows how Guilty Spark eventually devolved into rampancy. He had spent so long alone, eons alone, that he just couldn't take it anymore. To make matters worse, he's aware that he is going rampant.

2 Truth And Reconciliation (Terminal 3)

The third terminal is the second best in the game because, for the first time that we can recall, we get a look at what a Covenant AI is like. Since the beginning of the Covenant-Human War, one of the few advantages humans had was their AIs. Constructs like Cortana gave the UNSC an edge they desperately needed against the more technologically advanced Covenant. In Terminal 3, we get to see what the sluggish AI of the Covenant is like as Spark tries to communicate with it. You can find this terminal at the big platform on the bridge of the Truth and Reconciliation.

1 Keyes (Terminal 9)

Like Terminal 3, the ninth terminal can be found on the bridge of the Flood-infested Truth and Reconciliation. This time, it's on the interior side of one those two ramps in the ground. This is by far the best terminal in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary because it gives us a harrowing glimpse into what Captain Keyes was going through when he was being consumed by the Flood. His mind and his memories were not his to command, and that realization makes you feel it truly was a mercy when the Chief took Keyes' implant from his brain.

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