Limited Edition Cat-Sized Halo Helmets Now Available from WETA

more halo cat helmets now available from weta

I am familiar with your problem: You have four cats, but a limited budget. You blew your entire life-savings on the Halo 3 Spartan Edition back in 2008, earning your favorite cat, Phillip, a fantastic Mark IV Spartan helmet. Unfortunately your remaining three cats have gone unprotected since that time.

Never fear, crazy Halo cat person, because WETA Workshop is now shipping the Mark VI helmet once again, in addition to two new designs -- the E.V.A. and the C.Q.B. Spartan variants.  All are cat-sized, of course, and will set you back a somewhat reasonable $60 each.

Here they are in all their glory. According to WETA, each of the three helmets is approximately 1/4th scale, and weighs around 2lbs. Although the product descriptions for the C.Q.B. and E.V.A. variants do not detail the people involved in their creation, the Mark IV's art direction was lead by Richard Taylor. If you have ever seen any of the Lord of The Rings making-of documentaries, you'll know him and just how talented he is.

The WETA Halo helmets: C.Q.B, Mark IV and E.V.A.

If you want to equip your entire cat-squad in Mark IV helmets, feel free to take your time in ordering them whenever you feel they have earned the right to wear them. If, however, you plan on awarding your more battle-hardened felines in either the E.V.A. or C.Q.B helmets, you need to act fast. These helmets are in a limited run of only 300 units world-wide. At the time of this writing, they are still available, but I don't anticipate they will be for long, so get moving.

I know some of the Game Rant writers are avid collect-o-philes,  but I dropped off that bandwagon after I had kids. What about you guys? Are you considering picking any of these Halo helmets up? Also, I jest about putting these helmets on cats. They weigh a full 2 lbs each,meaning that you could really hurt your cat's neck. So don't do it!

Source: WETA

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