White Xbox One Included in New ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ Bundle

By | 1 year ago 

While the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both launched in the standard black color many expected them too, it wasn’t too long afterwards that people began wondering what the pair of consoles would look in the exact opposite color: white. Sony launched a Glacier White PS4 alongside Destiny last year, while Microsoft debuted a white Xbox One shortly thereafter – at first, exclusive to MS employees, but later came bundled with a copy of Sunset Overdrive.

In both cases, they were released in limited quantities, and in no time their respective prices shot up on secondary markets. This likely came as a great disappointment to those that wanted to own the white SKUs without paying a ridiculous sum of money.

Sony has yet to offer another bundle that comes with the Glacier White PS4, but Microsoft will be providing yet another Xbox One bundle with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. As announced today through Xbox Wire, the new(ish) bundle will retail for the usual $349, and come with the aforementioned console, a download code for The Master Chief Collection, and one wireless controller. Unfortunately, a specific release date wasn’t disclosed, which makes it a bit difficult to plan ahead.

Standalone White Xbox OneSince the bundle will have a limited run, anyone that’s been holding out for another chance to own this particular variation on the console should keep an eye on their retailer of choice (or all of them). Major Nelson even said as much in the announcement post:

Later this month, this Xbox One Special Edition Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle will be available in limited quantities for a limited time at participating U.S. retailers while supplies last so once they’re all gone, they’re all gone!

If this white Xbox One bundle is anything like its predecessor, it will sell out fast and return with a much larger price tag. The Sunset Overdrive bundle currently goes for over $600 on Amazon.

We know this won’t be the last Xbox One/Halo team-up this year, though, as its already been confirmed that Halo 5: Guardians is set to receive its own limited edition console when it launches in October. Specifics haven’t been revealed yet, but it’s probably safe to guess that it will feature Master Chief and come bundled with the upcoming game.

It’s no surprise that Xbox One bundles have done well for the company, which is likely what helped it overtake the PS4 last month. People like bundles the same way they like to see variety in their consoles, so why not give it to them?

What do you think of this new bundle? Have you been waiting for another chance to own a white Xbox One?

Source: Xbox Wire