Certainly one of the favorite announcements forĀ Halo fans everywhere, 343 Industries E3 revelation that they will be releasing Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary to Xbox LIVE will give gamers a taste of the shooter that started it all in crisp, new HD graphics. The graphics and multiplayer will be the only things changed however, as the gameplay will remain intact and play as it once did, problems included.

Gamers who played Halo back when it launched for the original Xbox will remember that the game was intensely fun, but it wasn’t without a few issues. 343 Industries will be making Halo Anniversary a replica experience of the original, with the exception of the beautiful HD graphics that can run side-by-side with the game’s original graphics. Players will be able to switch between the two and marvel at what we all thought were the bee’s knees those ten years ago. Our Halo remakeĀ E3 preview offers much more information on this.

343 Industries didn’t make the decision lightly, but Halo: CE was always a game that is very much in the vein of “it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Executive Producer, Dan Ayoub, talked to OXM about the kinds of discussions that ultimately led the developer to eschew any changes to the game.

“We had extremely loud arguments and discussions about it, because it’s very tempting when you get into it to say ‘oh, we can correct things that maybe people didn’t like so much’. But that’s kind of where our guiding pillar came in handy, which was to deliver the gameplay exactly as it was, warts and all.”

The original Halo: CE from Bungie can still stand up to a lot of scrutiny on the gameplay front. It was fun, easy to get into, and addicting. The single-player campaign was one of the best in first person shooter history and the multiplayer became stuff of LAN legends. Fans might even take the lack of changes as a breath of fresh air and have to remember that the game they love wasn’t always perfect.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary releases on November 15, 2011 for Xbox 360.

Source: OXM UK