Halo: Anniversary Multiplayer Maps and Halo: Reach Gets Controversial Update

PAX Prime got off with a Spartan Laser to the face last night – during the inaugural kickoff of Halo Fest. There was a heap of news and info out of Seattle from franchise holder 343 Industries: news on the long-time favorite Warthog making a guest appearance in Forza 4, Halo: Anniversary stepping into the 3D universe upon its release in November, and tons more. Unfortunately, the “more” may not be as exciting for fans.

One of the bigger (and more exciting) announcements made last night was that some of the new multiplayer maps set to release in Halo: Anniversary.

Bringing back fan favorites like Beaver Creek and Damnation, new to the Xbox 360 will be Instillation 04: a map designed for Firefight that takes place right after Master Chief lands on Halo. Prisoner is set for 2-8 players and looks to be more of a symmetrical, multi-layered beehive, perfect for “up close and personal” work. The last, Timberland, is actually from the PC and Mac ports of the original and is getting refit and upgraded for the re-release (complete with 8-16 players).

While the maps should be exciting for fans, there is a downside to all of the fun stuff and it’s liable to cause a ruckus. 343 Industries is taking their first crack at updating the Halo: Reach multiplayer – now that control is firmly in their hands… and they are making some changes. Some, arguably for the better, will help prepare for the release of Halo: Anniversary: such as the return of the fan favorite Magnum from Halo: CEalong with support for new Classic Playlists.

343 Industries is also doing something different in allowing players to configure their reticule “bloom” with their weapons – letting players control how precise their weapon will be. Active Camo’s time will be reduced slightly, and players will no longer be able to clash swords with any weapon, reverting back to sword vs. sword.

Halo Reach Armor Lock

Though the biggest change is with Armor Lock, where players will no longer be the invincible rock they once were. Now, when a player drops into Armor Lock, they will absorb the level of damage equal to the shields they had before using the Ability. Sticky Grenades will no longer deflect, but instead stay latched onto the player and drain away health.

This will change significantly how gamers play Reach, and while 343 Industries prefaced these updates by saying they were listening to the community, it’s hard to imagine that everyone will be happy. Chances are, there will be a good rift within the community just over the Armor Lock ability, alone. Let us know how you feel, and what you think of the upcoming changes.

Halo: Anniversary is set to release for the Xbox 360 on November 15th

Source : Major Nealson

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