New Halo Animated Series 'Apt. 117' Pokes Fun at Fans

Apt. 117 Halo Animated Series from 343 Industries

Can’t get enough Halo: Reach but want a break from the multiplayer? Well we have just the thing for you. From the brilliant minds at Powerhouse Animation, the folks that brought us Penny Arcade, comes a new series about two room mates, one an average guy,  the other a die-hard Halo fan, and their lives together.

Planned as a release through Halo Waypoint, this new animated series, titled Apt. 117, is filled with clever in-jokes and references that any Halo fan will enjoy. Check out the teaser trailer for the show, it certainly made me chuckle:


Developed in conjunction with the team at 343 Industries, the developers taking the Halo reins now that Bungie has stepped down, this crudely animated series prides itself on selling their skill short. Working with Kevin Smith is no small accomplishment, but Powerhouse wants to set a new precedent and create a new fan base with this series.

Halo has already become a massive success with the release of Halo: Reach. With so many gamers blowing up the Xbox Live servers, it shouldn’t be hard to convince them to pop over to Waypoint to pick up their daily dose of the show. Now, if they would reward gamers with a few credits towards climbing up the ranks in Reach, they might even generate a bigger buzz for the show.

From the brief taste of the show, I certainly want to see more. Everything from the toilet paper tube theme music to the nail gun "Needler" seemed like clever interpretations of a world many gamers should be familiar with. The series may lack substance when it comes to deeper storytelling (like what you might find in Red vs. Blue) but if Apt. 117 can keep the millions of Halo fans entertained, I can guarantee it will be a hit.

Stick tuned to Game Rant and we will let you know when Apt. 117 makes its debut.

What do you think of Apt. 117? Will you give it a Season Pass or do you want to see more before you get invested?

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