Halo: The Master Chief Collection Action Sack Playlist

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection is approaching its first birthday this November, and developer 343 Industries is evidently keen on keeping gameplay as fresh as can be for the remastered collection. The latest playlist for the Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a returning fan-favorite, and boasts a considerable line-up of gamemodes for fans to try out.

The popular Action Sack Playlist, which has always housed the strangest, weirdest and most out-of-the-box gamemodes is making a grand return, featuring more gamemodes than ever before split across several games offered in the Master Chief Collection bundle. The game itself helped push the series as a whole to over 65 million total sales, so it’s no surprise 343 Industries and Microsoft are working on keeping fans busy with it whilst Halo 5: Guardians development is underway.

Action Sack will provide over 129 total map and game-type combinations, which should give nostalgic fans plenty to work with across several of the remastered Halo games. The game was included in a well-priced Xbox One console bundle a few months ago, and has received some substantial updates since, so witnessing the antics from this playlist may be just the thing to push over some people still idling on the fence about Microsoft’s console.

Here’s the rundown on which gamemodes are available for each game:

Halo 2 Classic:

  • Gold Rush – A Territories variant featuring magnums and sniper rifles.
  • Blast Resort – Base assault with a bomb, but each player only has one life – make it count!
  • Team Troy – Brute Shot battles make things messy.
  • Team Shotty Swords – Energy Swords and Shotguns in close combat.
  • Team Shotty Snipes – The two extremes – sniper rifles and shotguns – are the only options.

Halo 2 Anniversary:

  • Gungoose CTF – Mongoose-based capture the flag involves lots of strategic ramming.
  • Kill from the Hill – Players get extra points for making kills whilst holding the hill.
  • Quickochet – Ricochet with a much shorter ball timer.

Halo 3:

  • Dodgeball – This is exactly what it sounds like.
  • Team Sumo – Each player has one life, which goes away when knocked out of the sumo ring.
  • ShWATguns – No motion tracker or shields. Just shotguns and grenades.
  • Team Swords – Sword battles that would make even Jack Sparrow a little jealous.
  • Team Hammers – Like the sword variant, but with hammers.
  • Hammer Hill – Secure the hill and defend it via hammer.
  • Team Duals – As the name implies, dual-wielding is mandatory.
  • Team Splasers – The red dot is a dangerous place to be near, especially when there’s several.
  • Team Punchout – Everyone is ready to plasma-punch their opponents.
  • Red Glare – Speeding rockets galore follow the blinking red lights.

Halo 4:

Binary Slayer – laser sights, swords, and a whole lot of thrusting

  • Fiesta Classic – Randomized weapon starts make for pandemonium.
  • Lighting Flag – Capture the flag with one-shot kills and tactical ordinance drops.
  • Clang of the Hill – Everyone has swords as they attempt to capture the hill.
  • Medal Madness – Kills don’t matter, but medals do. Each time views to earn more.
  • Stickyball – The ball carrier has plenty of explosive power.
  • Ninja Assassins – It all comes down to who can be the sneakiest punisher.
  • Husky Raid – Capture the flag confined to a narrow corridor will result in a trial by fire.
  • Paintball – Plasma bolts with one shot kills.
  • Shotty Snipers – Everyone has either a shotgun or a sniper rifle, the two distance extremes.

The Action Sack playlist is available now for those who have Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Source: VG247