Although Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference covered a wide number of factors, from games through to the big talking points of the Xbox One X release date and final specifications, many were left hoping that Halo 6 would make an appearance. Off the back of the next Halo game’s non-appearance as part of the presentation, 343 Industries has given an update on the status of the project.

The update comes courtesy of 343 Industries founder Bonnie Ross, who gave an update on Halo 6 over on Twitter. There, Ross advised that the team back at 343 is “heads down” working on the next Halo title, but that the game is not quite ready to announce.

Those Halo fans looking for something relating to the beloved franchise at E3 2017 are in for an update on another game in the series, however. Those with more of a mind for strategy will no doubt be pleased to know that there will be an update on Halo Wars 2 today as part of Microsoft’s E3 daily show. The tweet in question can be seen below.

Although developer 343 Industries had already stated that the next Halo game would not be ready for E3 2017, many gamers had still hoped that Microsoft would be able to pull something out of the bag and showcase the title in some capacity. Although that did not come to fruition, at the very least fans will be relieved to know that development is still going well on the project.

Aside from this announcement from Ross, and the confirmation that Halo now has a new head of FPS production, 343 Industries has generally remained tight-lipped about exactly how things are faring with the game’s creation. However, hopefully more details will be revealed once the studio feels that the project has reached a comfortable level of development.

One thing that may help matters is the complete reveal of the Xbox One X. The beefed-up console has been perhaps Microsoft’s biggest focus during E3 2017, and now focus could shift to games that are currently in development. After all, enticing gamers with the possibility of a new Halo title could certainly make the price tag of the Xbox One X much less of a hurdle to overcome.

Halo 6 has not been officially been confirmed, but the next Halo title is currently in development.

Source: Twitter