Since Halo is Microsoft’s flagship franchise, fans expect to see the series at E3 almost every year. Unfortunately, E3 2017 didn’t bring any news on Halo 6, leaving some fans to wonder when they will finally get a glimpse of Master Chief’s next adventure. Anyone hoping to see the game soon should temper their expectations, as 343 Industries has confirmed that the sequel won’t make its debut at any upcoming gaming events like Gamescom or PAX.

In a blog post entitled “Flood of Emotion,” Halo series writer Jeff Easterling addressed fan disappointment about the lack of Halo at E3. In the post, Easterling acknowledges that some fans were still expecting to see Halo 6, despite 343 saying the game wouldn’t be there ahead of time.

“While there’s little to nothing that can be said on that front, it’s been made clear that we won’t be talking about Halo’s next major title for quite some time. And no, that doesn’t mean Gamescom. Or PAX. Trust us, when we’re ready to begin pulling back that proverbial curtain, you’ll know. It won’t be soon.”


Besides acknowledging that fans were expecting to see Halo 6 at E3, Easterling also hints at the rumored Halo 3 remaster in the blog post. Prior to E3, rumors were running rampant that 343 was set to release a Halo 3 remaster for Xbox One in honor of the game’s 10th anniversary, but 343 was quick to shoot this down as misinformation. Now that E3 has come and gone with no mention of the Halo 3 remaster, it seems as though 343 wasn’t blowing smoke when it said that nothing like that was in the pipeline.

From the longing for a Halo 3 remaster to fans being upset about the lack of any Halo 6 news at E3, it’s clear that there is an appetite to learn more about what’s next for Microsoft’s flagship franchise. As it stands, we know next to nothing about what Halo 6 has in store for fans, except that it will have split-screen support and will feature more Master Chief than Halo 5. Now that we know the game won’t be seen at Gamescom or PAX, it’s hard to say exactly when fans can expect more information.

At this point, it’s starting to look like the first details on Halo 6 may not come until next year’s E3. While it would be disappointing for fans to have to wait that long to see the next major Halo game, it could also be indicative that 343 is taking some extra development time to make Halo 6, which could be good for the series.

Halo 6 is in development for Xbox One.

Source: Halo Waypoint