Video game developer 343 Industries releases a Valentine’s Day themed playlist for the multiplayer mode of its first-person shooter Halo 5: Guardians.

For those Halo 5: Guardians fans ready to jump into the game for some side-by-side combat with their sweethearts this weekend, 343 Industries has provided a Valentine’s Day playlist that compiles a few custom maps with confections, pink colors, and heart decorations to celebrate the holiday. Dubbed “Valentine’s Double Date”, the gameplay for the sci-fi shooter’s multiplayer mode contains 2v2 Slayer action, with Halo 2‘s Battle Rifle returning as a starting weapon.

Halo 5: Guardians players will be able to get into Valentine’s Double Date playlist easily enough as it can be accessed via the Arena multiplayer after booting up the game. However, should fans wish to “take [their] relationship to the next level” by getting “hot ‘n heavy” with the V-Day gameplay, they should play while they can this weekend, as it is sure to disappear after the holiday’s over on Sunday.

Aside from the pink and red color palettes being added, the maps themselves are pretty standard fare, as they resemble almost any other one that can be found in Arena. If anything, Halo 5 fans would have probably preferred the Grifball update being available now instead of the Valentine’s Double Date setup. At any rate, would-be Spartans can get a gander at the areas for the weekend playlist in 343 Industries’ tweet on the matter below and judge for themselves.

The Valentine's Double Date playlist w/ H2 BRs is now live! Steak is for dinner. Losing team picks up the check. <3— Halo (@Halo) February 12, 2016

Should Halo 5‘s Valentine’s Day-themed playlist not tickle one’s fancy, though, there’s always another science fiction shooter that can provide similarly styled gameplay, for Destiny‘s Crimson Days Doubles PvP mode is also live. Of course, like Halo 5‘s V-Day event, Bungie’s action-RPG will only last the weekend as well.

Taking all of this into consideration, some folks may not like first-person shooters at all, but still enjoy the holiday, so in that case, Rockstar Games has launched its Till Death Do Us Part Adversary mode for Grand Theft Auto 5‘s online Valentine’s Day celebration called “Be My Valentine”. With gaming couples having such a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to commemorating Valentine’s Day with one another while playing video games, partners will undoubtedly have a great weekend ahead of them whether win, lose, or draw.

What do you think about 343 Industries’ Valentine’s Double Date playlist for Halo 5: Guardians? Are you or your partner/significant other looking forward to taking on other teams in some 2v2 Slayer modes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Halo 5: Guardians is out now and is available exclusively for Xbox One.

Source: Halo – Twitter (via IGN)