The first Halo 5 update of 2016 will bring a batch of new content to the game including the return of Halo 2‘s Battle Rifle, as well as maps, weapon, skins, and assassinations.

The next free Halo 5 update, dubbed Infinity’s Armory after the UNSC flagship in the game, is bringing back an old favorite, new content, and a touch of goofiness.

First up, 343 Industries is going old school and putting the Halo 2 Battle Rifle into Halo 5. The fan-favorite weapon, from what is often regarded as the best Halo multiplayer game of all time, will be a Mythic weapon in Halo 5‘s REQ system.

That means players want to use the weapon in Warzone, they’ll have to unlock the card through REQ packs, which can be bought using in-game currency or through microtransactions. However, the Halo 2 Battle Rifle will also be unlocked in Forge so it can be used in Custom Games.

Halo 5 Classic BR

As for the new content that 343 is bringing to its newest entry in the Halo franchise, fans can look forward to new maps, weapons, armor, assassinations, and weapon skins. One of the maps, titled Riptide, is an Arena map that looks to be small to medium sized. Urban is the other map that’s built for Halo 5‘s new multiplayer mode, which like many maps in the gametype, is large and open.

Halo 5 will also get two new Carbine weapon variants, one that shoots fully automatic and has an extended magazine, and another that acts very much like Halo: Reach‘s Needle Rifle, firing Needler rounds that will explode when multiple round quickly hit a target.

The new armor set added with the update is called Achilles and is clearly inspired by ancient Greek armor. According to 343 Industries, it will be unlocked by Spartan Companies who level their Kill Commendations.

Halo 5 Infinitys Armory Update Skins

The weapon skins being added to the game is where this update gets kind of goofy. Weapon skins include a rainbow-colored assault rifle and magnum with the “Mister Chief” and “Spicy Locke” monikers, respectively. There’s also a pepperoni pizza and bald eagle weapon skin.

Fans will likely find a lot of new content and items to enjoy in this latest free update, from the guns to the maps to the weapon skins. Moreover, the steady trickle of new content shows 343 Industries’ commitment to continue support of Halo 5‘s multiplayer, which is arguably the strongest part of the game. 343 has not specified an exact release date for the Infinity’s Armory update, however, but it will be released later this month.

Are you still playing Halo 5? What are you most looking forward to in the Infinty’s Armory update?

Halo 5 is currently available exclusively for Xbox One.

Source: Halo Waypoint