If there is one trailer that Microsoft’s most devoted fans will be discussing after the company’s E3 2013 press conference, it is without question the announcement of Halo 5.

Featuring a cloaked Master Chief navigating his way through a barren desert before coming face to face with a Promethean colossus, the teaser trailer confirms that Master Chief and the Halo brand are still leading the company’s charge.

There were likely many viewers — including those in attendance at the press event — who first thought the shrouded figure traversing an alien world was an early sign of what the alliance between EA and Star Wars would produce, but the trailer’s closing moments prove that even Master Chief requires a disguise every now and then.

Considering the rise of a massive Promethean from beneath the sands, the disguise doesn’t work. And clutching the data drive that once held his AI partner Cortana, it’s clear that the relationship between the two isn’t gone just yet.

There’s little information provided in the trailer beyond the fact that it strongly reflects the teaser trailers for both Halo 3 and Halo 4; new setting, reveal, and the Chief preparing to do what he does best. We’d advise against assuming that Halo 5 — dubbed simply Halo in the trailer itself — will feature any enemies that size of skyscrapers, but we wouldn’t rule it out either.

Following the trailer, Bonnie Ross took to the stage to remind gamers of the upcoming live-action Halo TV series, which together with a new game will help the series take the next step Microsoft and 343 Industries rely on. The company has always claimed that ‘where Halo goes, so goes Microsoft’ — so saying that a successful and staggering Halo 5 will help Microsoft build momentum would be an understatement.

At this point the game is without an official title, advertised in the trailer as simply ‘Halo,’ and later in Microsoft’s official press release as ‘Halo Xbox One.’ Neither of those seem likely for a finished product, so we’d bet 343 and Microsoft have yet to decide on a subtitle. Read into that what you will…

What do you think of the announcement trailer? Do you hope that the new Promethean construct is only for dramatic impact, or are bigger, badder enemies something that you’d like to see Xbox One make possible? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

We’ll keep you updated as more information on Halo 5 arrives.

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