Play Halo 5 This Weekend and Get a Turkey Emblem

Halo 5 Thanksgiving Turkey Emblem

Halo 5 players who are looking for a little extra something this weekend will be rewarded with a special Turkey emblem in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday.

343 Industries is chiming in on the Thanksgiving Day festivities, allowing any who plays Halo 5: Guardians this weekend to gobble up a free "Thanks Given" turkey emblem design. The studio has been in a festive mood over the last few weeks, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that Halo 5 would also get some Thanksgiving content to encourage some of the returning player base to keep coming back.

The Halo series recently celebrated its 15 year anniversary, which is likely why 343 Industries also teased some brand new upcoming Halo 5 DLC. The teaser video seemed to show a strong focus on new weaponry, hinting that the upcoming content may give players more ways to turn enemies into giblets across some of Halo 5's game modes, including the relatively new Warzone Firefight. In the meantime, though, all players have to do in order to get the Thanksgiving emblem is simply play the game.

Take a look at the unique "Thanks Given" Emblem below, which features the turkey most likely to shout "betrayal" that we've ever seen:


Halo 5 veterans will recognize that this is the same emblem that 343 Industries put out last year for Thanksgiving 2015, but it's still nice to see that the company is putting a time-sensitive emblem up for grabs on an annual basis. Those who missed the emblem the first time around have the entire weekend to grab it, provided they want that turkey's judgmental stare to follow them everywhere they go.

As one might expect, 343 Industries isn't the only developer trying to encourage players to make the pilgrimage back to its game this weekend. Gamers can also enjoy turkey-related perks such as double XP in Pokemon GO, and even a chance to unlock an oddly happy-looking turkey leg charm in Rainbow Six: Siege.  We imagine many gamers are tearing into new items they acquired on Black Friday, making it no surprise that studios are doing everything in their power to get gamers playing this weekend.

Even aside of new the official new Halo content, intuitive Forge Mode creators have been coming up with more unique gamemodes for others to try. This month saw the rise of an airplane dogfighting game mode, which acts as a nice compliment to the always-popular Quidditch mode. If anyone is interested in playing either this weekend - win or lose - they still get a free turkey out of it.

Are you planning on playing a little bit of Halo 5: Guardians in order to carve yourself out a new emblem, Ranters?

Halo 5: Guardians is available now, exclusively for Xbox One.

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