‘Halo 5’ Teased in New Xbox One Trailer

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With a little under a month until E3 2014, publishers and developers from around the globe have begun teasing their forthcoming projects. Some companies, like Sony and the next chapter of the Uncharted franchise, are taking a more direct approach, while others are trying to keep things subtle.

Case in point: Microsoft and their latest tease for Halo 5, a title that should be a major showpiece for the company at this year’s event. Just today, Microsoft unleashed a new trailer focused on the power of the Xbox One that has the faintest of Halo 5 hints…that is, if you are watching carefully enough.

The trailer itself (seen above) is meant to be a showpiece for Microsoft’s latest home console, the Xbox One, highlighting all of the system’s features, and by features we mean the curves of the console. Wait a second; is this a trailer for a new sports car or a new console?

Either way, the section of the trailer that we’re most interested in occurs at the :51 second mark, and features an Xbox Live user playing Halo 5. What’s more, this gamer, who as it turns out doesn’t actually exist, is playing a match of Slayer on the map Haven.

Halo 5 Teased Xbox One Trailer

Now, most Halo fans will recognize that Haven is a multiplayer map from Halo 4, which leads us to believe the trailer isn’t trying to make any big announcements. More likely, it appears Microsoft wanted to use Halo as a point of reference for a game being played on the Xbox One, but obviously they couldn’t use Halo 4.

Or maybe Halo 5 features some revamped/upgraded versions of Halo 4‘s multiplayer map selection, done up to look extra pretty on the current-gen platform. We have heard rumors that Halo 4 would eventually get an Xbox One port, so perhaps this is our first hint that some middle ground has been found by porting the game’s multiplayer maps over to Halo 5.

In all reality, though, the more likely scenario is that Microsoft wanted to put a Halo 5 reference in there as a gentle reminder that the next chapter in Master Chief’s journey is on the way. Oh, and if you’re in the market for a shiny new Ferrari game console, they have you covered.

What do you expect to see from Halo 5 at this year’s E3? Will Halo 5 be the Xbox One’s first major system seller?

A new Halo game, maybe Halo 5, is expected for 2014.

Source: Kotaku

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