An inventive Halo 5: Guardians player recreates the popular soccer-with-cars game Rocket League in 343 Industries’ first-person shooter with Ghosts for vehicles.

Even though Rocket League will be available for Xbox One next week, those fans who can’t wait for it to launch will be able to experience a modified version of it right now in Halo 5: Guardians. Thanks to Xbox Live user “TurbTastic”, 343 Industries’ sci-fi shooter currently has a custom map that was built using the game’s Forge mode tools, with it mimicking Psyonix’s aforementioned sports title by using the flying Ghost vehicle from the FPS instead of ground-based cars.

Just like Rocket League, the Halo 5 custom map also has tall, curved walls, and it keeps track of players’ goals by putting a type of modifier on the game’s Capture the Flag mode. And while there are similarities, the fan-made creation also has plenty of differences, such as the ability for folks to get out of the Ghosts and shoot at enemies, which certainly adds an interesting dimension of gameplay to the match-ups.

On top of the inclusion of gunplay, the Halo 5-styled Rocket League map supports up to 16 players in total, which also has three balls on the field at once. However, there’s also a smaller-scaled version of TurbTastic’s inventive production for just 2 to 6 players that more closely reflects the original Rocket League by putting only one ball in play for the duration of the contest. For those Halo 5 fans interested in how it all works, they can get a taste of the action filmed by YouTuber Ducain 23 in the video below, or they can take part in the mash-up by searching for TurbTastic’s Gamertag in Halo 5, or by looking for the map itself which is simply titled “Rocket League”.

Of course, should Halo 5‘s would-be Spartans want a more official game mode that relates to sports in some way, they can always wait for the return of the fan-favorite, football-inspired Griffball, coming soon in an update for the title. Nevertheless, it’s hard to imagine that most players won’t at least give TurbTastic’s version of Rocket League a shot, especially considering the impressiveness of the final product.

As many Halo 5 fans are aware, the community for 343 Industries’ game is filled with a lot of creatively-inclined members, as there has been a bevy of excellent fan-made content since the title’s release last year. For instance, one player used the title’s Forge mode tools to put together a beautiful Hoth map from Star Wars that was complete with a giant AT-AT Walker, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If anything, though, TurbTastic’s build of Rocket League inside of Halo 5 is truly a testament to the popularity of Psyonix’s sports title. After all, many consider it to be one of the best multiplayer video games of 2015, and the fact there’s now a variant of it couched within a shooter is only further proof that Rocket League is a hot commodity.

Halo 5: Guardians is out now and is available exclusively for Xbox One, and Rocket League is currently available on PC and Playstation 4, with its Xbox One port scheduled for release on February 17, 2016.

Source: Ducain 23 – YouTube (via GameSpot)