Once again, 343 Industries confirm that they still have no plans to port Halo 5: Guardians to PC, despite the Forge mode becoming available on Windows 10.

Although Microsoft recently excited fans of futuristic shooter Halo 5: Guardians by announcing that the tools for the game’s Forge mode will be coming to PC later this year, developer 343 Industries stresses that it will not be followed by the full game.

The Xbox One exclusive Halo 5 will remain locked to the latest Xbox console, despite fan theories that it would be available soon on Windows 10 in much the same way Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break was. And though 343 has reportedly claimed that Forge’s arrival is just the beginning of the Halo PC experience, it seems Halo 5 will not be making the transition.

“Releasing Forge for Windows 10 for free will open up endless opportunities to the PC community to build and play Halo 5 multiplayer content, while also allowing them to share their creations with gamers on Xbox One as well,” said 343 in a recent blog post. “Windows 10 remains an important focus for the Halo franchise moving forward.”

343 also confirmed that the team is currently focusing on building Halo Wars 2, a game that will arrive on both PC and Xbox One. The game is in development at Total War developer Creative Assembly and is set to release in the fall of this year. The RTS game was announced last year, 6 years after the release of its predecessor, and has a rather epic cinematic trailer.

Though Halo 5 won’t be coming to PC any time soon, many US retailers are now carrying the Xbox One game for just $30, allowing console gamers to pick up the title at a cheaper price. The game is available at the discounted price for what may be a limited time offer at several storefronts, including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Target.

Halo 5 Multiplayer

The 6th DLC pack for the latest in the Halo franchise has also been detailed. Titled “Memories of Reach,” the expansion will allow players to unlock the armor sets of Noble Team’s greatest heroes, who were last seen in 2010’s Halo Reach. This isn’t the only new content that the game will see however, as gamers eagerly wait for Halo 5:Guardians’ new Warzone Firefight gamemode that is set to drop this Summer. The mode will bring back the survival element that was first introduced back in Halo: ODST.

Would you be interested in playing the next Halo games on PC or should Microsoft keep the series on Xbox? Let us know!

Halo 5: Guardians is available now, exclusively on Xbox One.