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It may have been a sizable amount of time since Halo was on the lips of the gaming industry at large, but that certainly doesn't mean 343 Industries is taking some time off. Microsoft has confirmed that there will be details released come E3 2014, and now a new hint at just how much the core game design of Halo 5 may be changing has arrived, with the developers apparently looking to bring entirely new multiplayer modes into the mix for the next-gen offering.

Since the release of Halo 4, the developer's first dose of Bungie-free Master Chief, the studio now entrusted with Microsoft's most powerful brand have been busy. Team members have moved on to other properties, existing leadership has been shuffled for a new era of Halo entertainment, all while keeping on track for a 2014 release of their next release.

As if that weren't enough to handle for one studio, according to an official Microsoft job posting, 343 Industries is looking to add a Senior Multiplayer Designer for the still in-development Halo. Beyond the usual description, one line in particular will stand out to longtime fans:

As a Senior Multiplayer Designer on the Halo team, you will be responsible for implementation and execution of features within the competitive multiplayer [PVP] experience. The 343 competitive multiplayer team designs, implements, and executes on the player-versus-player experience, including game modes, map feedback, moment-to-moment gameplay balancing, and cross-team collaboration.

We are looking for an experienced designer to support and develop the Halo competitive multiplayer experience. Responsibilities include balancing and tuning existing competitive experiences, creating, developing, and delivering all new Halo MP game modes. As a member of the competitive multiplayer design team, you will help shape the future of the Halo franchise.

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The line we're referring to is the mention of "all new Halo MP Game Modes" as one of the tasks the new designer will be assigned. No further details are provided, but the fact that the developers are looking to add a new mode to the established set is more than enough to get fans speculating. With the team most recently incorporating the community favorite 'Grifball' game type into Halo 4, the possibilities for what new or revamped modes could be next.

Before too much time is spent wondering what direction 343 may be headed, it's worth pointing out that the exact game this job posting is concerned with is still somewhat unclear. Microsoft has promised a Halo release in 2014, but with rumors circling of a potential Halo 2 Anniversary release (among others), the company's exact plan is a bit of a mystery. The company has also admitted that if an updated version of Halo 2 were to be released, the multiplayer would see extra scrutiny given the original's success.

Could the developers be brave enough to satisfy Halo 2 fans by bringing new game modes to the old maps and systems? Or is invention best left for Halo 5? Share your thoughts on the idea of introducing new modes, and which you would hope to see officiall adopted in the commentsy.


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Source: Microsoft (via DualShockers)

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