Halo 5 Music and Multiplayer Menus Leak Early

By | 1 year ago 

It’s difficult to think of any console release set for this year that’s bigger than Halo 5: Guardians. As Microsoft’s flagship Xbox franchise, the game is one of the most hotly anticipated titles in all of gaming — and a new leak has given us an early glimpse at a preview build that likely won’t change too much before launch day.

The Halo 5 beta has been finished for some time, but it seems that the data files installed on players’ consoles are still being updated. The most investigative of that number have been able to access that information in the hopes of unearthing something interesting, which is how this leak came about.

A top-class score has long been one of the defining elements of previous Halo games, continuing the tradition that was started by the series’ original composer Marty O’Donnell. This weekend’s leak has made a fifteen minute sample of the Guardians OST available across the Internet.

The track by Halo 5 composer Kazuma Jinnouchi seems to be the music that players will hear on the game’s main menu, based on its length and its generous use of the series’ iconic main theme. It’s classic Halo fare, and a good sign that the rest of the soundtrack will be up to snuff.

The other content leaked over the weekend pertains to the game’s recently detailed Warzone multiplayer mode. Screenshots of some of the menu screens from the Warzone section of Guardians might give us a bit more intel regarding just what to expect from customization options for this brand new twist on the series’ multiplayer gameplay.

Spartan customization has long been a hallmark of competitive Halo, with the emblems of Halo 2 steadily developing in the manifold armor set-ups that were available as of Halo 4. The leaked images from Guardians confirm that there’s even more scope to personalize your avatar this time around.

As well as armor loadouts and emblems, players will now be able to choose from a variety of weapon skins to further customize their Spartan. It’s perhaps worth noting that only UNSC weaponry is listed as having variant skins in the screenshots leaked this weekend.

Expect to see Microsoft and 343 Industries clamp down on leaks such as this ahead of the release of Halo 5. Players getting a sneak peak of menus ahead of time is one thing, but you can be sure that all parties are set on keeping the resolution of the game’s intriguing clash of UNSC forces under wraps until the game hits stores.

Halo 5: Guardians will release for Xbox One on October 27, 2015.

Source: Polygon