'Halo 5' Multiplayer Beta May Be A 10 GB Download

Halo 5 Beta - Stabilizers

The Halo 5: Guardians Beta isn't set to begin for another three weeks, but now may be as good a time as any to allocate a bit of hard drive space to it. Between last month's Halo: The Master Chief Collection launch, several content updates and patches, and the upcoming beta, Xbox Ones around the world are becoming intimately familiar with the sci-fi series (and limited harddrive space).

Expect to dedicate a decent amount of space to the beta at the end of the month - at least 10 GB - according to a leaked image of the Xbox Store listing for it, courtesy of Reddit. The listing reveals an install size of 10.27 GB, a very specific number that Microsoft claims hasn't been finalized, and is more of a placeholder. Odd, as one would think that Microsoft and 343 would have the basic product description finished, but maybe recent events have caused the two to take their time and exercise caution.

The MCC's list of issues has almost certainly twisted the way fans view the studio and any future Halo releases; a Halo 5 beta tragedy is the last thing they need. If anything, consider this a rumor/heads-up. The beta has to be packed with enough content to keep people occupied for the few weeks they'll have with it, so an install size north of 10 GB shouldn't be all that surprising.

Other information gained from the listing includes the max numbers of players on a single system and over Xbox Live, and sadly it seems as though the beta won't allow for two players to play on the same Xbox One. But if the install size isn't the actual size, the other info could be slightly off as well. Of course, the new consoles have done a terrible job of supporting local play on triple-A releases so expect to be playing solo on your system.

Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta - Placeholder Xbox Store Listing

To make the wait for the beta more bearable (or harder), check out the full hour of gameplay footage that shows off the Empire and Crossfire maps; Slayer and Breakout game modes, and the new abilities and movement mechanics.

The Halo 5: Guardians Beta starts on December 29, 2014 on Xbox One, and runs until January 18, 2015. Owners of Halo: The Mast Chief Collection gain automatic access, while other players must wait and see if they can participate at all. Microsoft nor 343 have provided details on the latter.

Halo 5: Guardians, meanwhile, will release in Fall 2015, exclusive to the Xbox One.

Source: Reddit, GameSpot

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