343 Industries teases the first bit of 2016’s of add-on content for Halo 5: Guardians with a few quick looks at what will be included in January’s update.

During a recent livestream for Halo 5: GuardiansDecember update known as “The Cartographer’s Gift”, 343 Industries gave fans a teaser for a few of the forthcoming materials in January’s update at the tail-end of the event, showing off new armor, gun skins, and more. While the glimpse at the Halo 5‘s DLC for next month is relatively brief, it definitely stokes the flames of curiosity for what else will be included.

As seen in the gallery below, January’s update is set to include a rifle skin with a bald eagle paint job emblazoned on the side, a pistol with an emblem of a wolf howling at the moon, as well as different-looking duds for both the Red and Blue teams, all of which are quite stylish. Of course, much like the Battle of Shadow and Light DLC released a few weeks ago, next month’s content supplement ought to also include new modes, multiplayer maps, and REQ packs, but the full substance of the expansion hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.

Speaking of new additions, 343 Industries recently announced the availability of daily multiplayer incentives consisting of up to two daily REQ packs being awarded to winners of Halo 5‘s Arena and Warzone modes. The studio explained that in doing so, it should spur fans to log more hours in the first-person shooter, but only time will tell whether or not the move is successful.

The inclusion of the Requisition System to Halo 5 has been controversial for some fans, especially since microtransactions were added to multiplayer, allowing players to purchase REQ packs at their leisure. Many argue that the feature creates a pay-to-play atmosphere, wherein no matter how much effort a gamer makes to get better at the title, there will always be someone with more dispensable time and income that can end up becoming nearly unbeatable.


Of course, the upside is that with the income made from the microtransactions, 343 Industries can pay for and create higher quality content while also funding events for fans, such as its massive financial contribution of $1.5 million dollars to the Halo World Championship tournament prize pool. In spite of that, no matter what choice a developer makes regarding its product — including the decision to add microtransactions — not everyone will be pleased by the outcome.

At any rate, should 343 Industries continue to add premier content to Halo 5, fans will more than likely stick around for the long-haul. After all, the base game’s reviews were generally positive upon launch day, so it isn’t as if the title doesn’t have a solid reputation already.

What do you think about the teases for Halo 5‘s January update that 343 Industries released? What else do you believe that the developer should include? Let us know in the comments below.

Halo 5: Guardians is out now and is available exclusively for the Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot