Halo 5’s free Ghosts of Meridian content release is now available, including a new Warzona and Arena map, plus 343 teased something special – Infection Mode’s return.

343 continues to deliver on the promise of free post-launch content updates today with the launch of Halo 5‘s Ghosts of Meridian. Maps, weapons, vehicles and more make up just a part of the Ghosts of Meridian expansion, all of which 343 teased in a livestream earlier today. The livestream held other plans as well, those cheeky 343 developers. Not only did the streamers announce the upcoming Warzone Firefight beta for Halo 5, which was highly anticipated, but they also released a teaser for the return of Infection Mode.

Starting with the Warzone Firefight beta, which has been teased since late February, 343 plans to run it from April 14 through April 18. A full release is planned for later this summer. The only map available for the beta will be the Warzone map Escape from A.R.C., but many others will be included with the mode’s full launch. The game mode features 8 players cooperatively working to conquer five rounds of, err, firefighting, with help from the REQ system. Of course.

As for Infection Mode, details are scant. Consider it to be the next hype addition to Halo 5 now that Firefight is becoming more of a reality. For those unfamiliar, Infection Mode is a legacy mode stemming back to Halo 3. Though technically it really started as a custom game mode in Halo 2. Players spawn along with an Alpha Zombie and strive to stay uninfected for as long as possible. When killed by a zombie, they turn infected themselves and join the hunt for the other players.

One has to commend 343 for dedicating the resources necessary towards this free post-launch content, though they’re certainly making their money off the REQ system more than likely. Launching Halo 5 with the big Warzone mode, but a lack franchise staples like Firefight or Infection, may have been a risk. Yet returning to those modes later as free post-launch content is especially classy.

The question does remain, however, as to whether the Halo 5 community remains active and dedicated to the cause. With big games like The Division and other being released year-round, it’s not as simple as releasing your big shooter during the holidays and hoping post-launch content keeps them around for a full year. Still, you can do worse than making all your post-launch content free. 343’s done the right things to keep Halo 5 lively.

Halo 5: Guardians‘ next big post-launch content pack, Ghosts of Meridian, is available now for free on Xbox One. The Warzone Firefight beta will be starting on April 14 at 10:00am PST and will run through April 18. Stay tuned for more information on the newly revealed  plans for Infection Mode.

Halo 5: Guardians is available now, exclusively on Xbox One.