Xbox Boss Says Halo 5 is an ‘Important Milestone’ for Xbox One

By | 12 months ago 

Xbox boss, Phil Spencer talks about Halo 5: Guardians‘ release and what it represents for Halo fans, in particular those still on the Xbox 360 console.

According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, Halo 5: Guardians‘ release represents an “important milestone” for the Xbox One console. During the Halo 5 livestream, Spencer talked about the game and what it means for Xbox fans.

“It’s easy to say that an Xbox generation never really starts until you have a purpose-built Halo game, and this is Halo 5 from the ground up for Xbox One launching. It’s an important milestone for us with Xbox One. The game looks great, feels great, 60 frames per second and it feels for smooth when I’m playing.”

During his talk, Spencer also explained that this fall’s line-up is tailored to the Halo fans, in particular the ones who have not yet made the jump to the Xbox One from the 360. Whilst, the largest base of players that Xbox deals with are still currently playing on the 360 console. Xbox’s recent announcement that it will be introducing backwards compatibility for certain games is sure to incentivize those who have not yet picked up the current-gen console as it means that they will be able to play their favorite titles on the new hardware.

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Spencer also commented that he’s very happy with the job that 343 Industries has done with Halo 5 on the new hardware, stating that the game feels great on the Xbox One’s new controllers. He mentioned that Xbox has received a lot of feedback from the team of developers that will help to improve the platform to support more AAA titles.

Halo 5 is the Master Chief’s second appearance on the current generation of consoles, following Halo: The Master Chief Collection‘s release last year. Unfortunately for Halo fans, whilst the collection provided us with a chance to play all four main titles in one convenient package, the game’s classic multiplayer matchmaking was riddled with issues.

Fans who are looking to play Halo 5: Guardians with friends may be disappointed by the game’s lack of local multiplayer, something that has been a popular part of the franchise ever since Halo: Combat Evolved released in 2001. Equally as worrying is 343 Industries’ decision to add microtransactions to Halo 5 which allows players to open their wallets to gain faster access to more weapons and gear in the game’s multiplayer modes. Fortunately, fans should be happy to know that it’s still fairly easy to gain Halo funds just by playing the game, removing fears about the multiplayer becoming too pay-to-win.

Halo 5: Guardians is available now for Xbox One. Read our review of the 343 Industries’ latest first person shooter here.

Source: Halo 5 Livestream